Strategic Allegiances

North American Bodyguard AssociationNorth American Bodyguard Association

The North American Bodyguard Association (NABA) aims to unite and support both trained and aspiring bodyguards within North America with the larger representation of security professionals around the world via its membership and information programs. The association is a vibrant networking and resource hub, which provides members with the opportunity to network and actively engage with their peers in the spirit of professional brotherhood.

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The British Bodyguard AssociationThe British Bodyguard Association

The British Bodyguard Association aims to unite and support both trained and aspiring bodyguards, both in the United Kingdom and from around the world, via its membership and information program.

Whether you are a seasoned Security professional, or just setting out on a new exciting career path the BBA will provide you with the most up to date information on current training providers, equipment suppliers, employment vacancies, a message forum and the great networking facility BBA Chat.

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Training for BodyguardsTraining for Bodyguards

Being a bodyguard is not about being the biggest, but rather the smartest - at the moment when all the chips depend on it. Quality training is a must for those seeking to enter the field, as well as existing Operators looking to make a bigger mark in the challenging world of Executive Protection.

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Bodyguard MagazinesBodyguard Magazines

Get the inside scoop on the Bodyguard Industry

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Bodyguard TargetsBodyguard Targets

Produced in an exclusive agreement with America’s largest manufacturer of paper targets for shooters; the VIP Protection Target Line is the first of its kind presenting a challenging shooting target created by professionals in the Bodyguard Industry. The series of 6 places the shooter in a variety of scenarios such as confronting a hostage taker on a private aircraft or protecting your client from a gun-wielding stalker as she exits the vehicle. Perfect your skill!

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Bodyguard CareersBodyguard Careers

Over 1300 bodyguards have already submitted their Resumes to Bodyguard Careers.
Join the largest database in the industry!

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