How to Subcribe to a Blog

Everyone kind of assumes anyone reading a Blog knows how to subcribe to one…(I didn’t) so this post might be helpful for some.  RSS feed readers let you follow news and blogs easily, comfortably and efficiently in a dedicated program, on a web site or in your email program.

Subscribing to an RSS feed is easy.

  • Simply hit the subscribe button or look for a little orange XML icon on this or any other favorite news site or blog  This tells your PC to “syndicate this site”.
  • Paste it in your RSS feed reader (News reader) 

Some popular news readers are MyYahoo, Bloglines, or Google’s custom home page.   Once its set up, any new updates from blogs or news sites will appear on that page and you have one-stop shopping.

For more detailed information, you can click here, or here.

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