Insiders Rule #49: Stay Focused

What every professional wants in this business is longevity.  The key to that is staying focused and consistent in your duties.  As a bodyguard, our interaction with our clients and the public come in many different forms and fashion.  What we must always be aware of is that we’re there to do a job, and the moment you let your guard down could be the moment your skills are needed most.

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My travels have taken me all around the world and I have seen a lot of amazing things.  The excitement of the moment, the roar of the crowd…those are things that are always in the back of my mind, but in the forefront is, “Where is the threat”?  “If I had to evacuate, which are the best routes”?  I’ve watched hundreds of games like the ones above, and most time I don’t even know who won until we are out of the venue and in an area I can fully control.

People always say to me, “you must have so much fun on your job”… They don’t see the 4:45 am wake up to prep or the standing in sub zero temperatures to make sure your client’s transportation is on time.  Training and discipline: from the playboy mansion to the Vatican, my career requires that I stay focused.

…and yes it’s fun.

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