Industry Spotlight: Executive Protection Agent, Don Moe

Weekly, Icon – Behind the Bodyguard Business will hold a spotlight where we feature someone in the Executive Protection, Security or Investigation industry. Our hope is to provide some insight into our profession and also show newcomers and the media that people from all walks of life and all parts of the globe do this type of work with honor and pride. No it’s not like the movies, but it can be rewarding, thrilling, and yes sometimes, fun.

Name: Don Moe
Home Base: Mpls/St.Paul MN
Area of Expertise: Celebrity Protection, Executive Protection, Risk Management, Use of Force and Control Tactics Instructor
Clients that you work with: International Military Advisors, Various Celebrity Entertainers, Corporate Executives
Years in the business: 15

What’s great about the business:
“The challenge behind every assignment and knowing that all went well. Meeting other professionals in the business. Receiving the opportunity to learn from others!”

What sucks about the business:
“The lack of professionalism of some in the industry. Changing the mind set from the big bouncer mentality.”

To someone just starting out I’d say:
“Attend a good school. Take an entry level job in security and get some experience working with and around people. Attend college, take criminal justice courses, become a reserve police officer, go into the military, network with others and volunteer to assist and learn the trade. Be patient in your quest. Be careful who you study under and work with. You do not want to develop bad habits. Above all, you must like working with people of all personalities, cultures, work ungodly hours without a break and have the patience of a saint.”

Don is currently working with corporate clients, and is currently available for select long term and short term assignments. For more information or to get in contact with Don click here.

One thought on “Industry Spotlight: Executive Protection Agent, Don Moe”

  1. Don brought a great level of maturity to the team and impressed the hell out of me with his knowledge of Risk Management. I can’t recall him ever saying “no” to an assignment. From a simple escort job to negotiating “a road tax” to get his Principal across a foreign border, he has always approached it as a true professional.

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