Working With An Unfamiliar Bodyguard


Working the Principal alongside an unfamiliar agent or team is an especially sensitive issue for the bodyguard, and a scenario likely to be faced by EP Agents in this industry for any length of time.  While it’s a natural reaction to be territorial as well as suspicious of a person’s ability, it’s also important to remember that an extra set of eyes or ears more often than not can only help the situation.  Simply stated, put egos to the side and get the job done.  Of course there are times when the reverse is true, and a moment of inexperience on the part of the other agent(s) may reflect negatively on you, or even worse, your client.  The best way to avoid this is to do as much research as time permits on your new teammate(s), even if you are only working with them for a short period.  Something as simple as a voucher from someone you trust in the industry could go a long way in making you feel better that the detail goes smoothly from start to finish. 

2 thoughts on “Working With An Unfamiliar Bodyguard”

  1. I always hated working under cover, needing a second man due to the length or area involved, then having to worry about who was coming. I ONLY requested people I had previously worked with. I understand the anxiety.

  2. Elijah,

    Working with somebody new can be a little uncomfortable a first. You and your team have this certain vibe in the way you work. A new person comes in and you have to get him on the same page along with the rest of the team. It can be really challenging. Once that person continues to work with his/her new team, everything starts to go back to running real smooth.

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