RNC Convention Brings Security Concerns

Minnesota – Antiwar activists hope to stage a “massive demonstration” on the opening day of the 2008 Republican National Convention that takes them from the State Capitol past the Xcel Energy Center, where the GOP will meet Sept. 1-4.  Whether their vision will come to pass remains to be seen. The Secret Service will set a security perimeter around the convention, and local police officials say they won’t decide on parade permits until next spring.  Full story behind link.

KSTP Television News did a segment on this story that I participated in today.  In it I tried to stress the fact that while permits will not be issued for protesters until 6 months prior to the RNC Convention, Multi-Jurisdictional Tasks forces are already in place prepping for the logistical nightmare that a convention of this size is going to mean for the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN.  (However, how much of that came across in the 14-second sound bite of the 2-minute segment that aired, is open for debate.)  From a security perspective, this will be the biggest event in Minnesota history and proper planning and coordination is essential to ensure the safety of everyone politicians, residents, visitors and protesters.

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