Britney Spears Bodyguard Fights With Photographers

A bodyguard for Britney Spears has been cited by police in Las Vegas on a charge of battery stemming from a scuffle with two photographers who approached the pop star, police said on Friday.  The altercation occurred on Thursday morning at the Wynn Hotel & Casino when one of the photographers reportedly bumped into the bodyguard, Julio Camera, while Camera was holding one of Spears’ two sons in his arms.  Full Story behind the Link.

Sources say charges were filed and that Mr. Camera was held by police for 3 hours.  (One can only hope that someone else was guarding Ms. Spears and her family at the time.)  Knowing when to “switch on” and “switch off” is a skill everyone in the Executive Protection field has to master.  Is this an instance of protecting your clients or just making a bigger mess???

5 thoughts on “Britney Spears Bodyguard Fights With Photographers”

  1. I agree some things can be handled in a much professional and tasteful manner. In this case I don’t know if It was their ego or a power trip but it looks to have been a big mess that could have possibly been avoided

  2. Long time no write….glad to be back.
    Well this is huge. You’re taught never to embarrass your Principal and that you should never be the news. I wasn’t there so I can’t truly speak from what I didn’t experience that night.
    Buttttt….if we’re Monday morning quarterbacking then I’ll have to put my two cents in. Let’s think of how it could have been avoided.
    1) Send an Advance agent to walk the hallway
    2) Coordinate another travel route away from fans an Pap
    3) Coordinate with hotel security to post officers on the floor to help enforce “looky lous” and to enforce hotel policies like “no photos in the hotel”. (most have those policies)
    3) Train the “Bodyguard”.
    4) Hire Scout or Icon.
    In California the minute you put your hands on someone it’s considered battery. If this is a black and white issue the agent should never had put his hands on someone unless his Principal was in immeadiate threat. I think nowadays companies hire guy’s to protect people who come with the wrong skill sets and the wrong mind set.
    Question….while he was fighting with the photog who was protecting both Principals?
    I worked in Vegas for 2 years and if this truly went the way it did. Then they didn’t plan accordingly. Again, anybody need a solid Advance guy? They’re hard to find.

  3. Amen. With few exceptions you can navigate most of the popular Vegas spots with minimum contact with the public. Of course a big part of that is what the CLIENT wants, however if it ends up putting them in position like the one above…

    Oh and welcome back Damien, we’ve missed you around these parts!

  4. Stuff like this just continues to amaze me. I wonder what, if any, due diligence was done when Mr. Camera was hired. I would also wonder what, if any, disciplinary action is being taken against the person who placed an obviously unfit person into such a high profile position.

  5. Elijah,
    You guys have a great site. I hope that in seven years when I retire I will be able to perhaps work with you. With respect to this incident I think a small investment in protection resulted in a very expensive problem and a terrible loss of face for all involved. Take care and stay safe.

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