The Importance of Advance Work For the Bodyguard


Industry vet Harlan Austin of Bodyguard Careers wrote an excellent piece on the importance of the Executive Protection specialist doing advance work.  The article was inspired by the recent discovery by Kid Rock’s bodyguard of a hidden camera in his clients dressing room during a recent concert appearance. 

“As someone who has worked for years with entertainers, I cannot express enough how important it is to be diligent conducting advance work. It will not only protect the client, but help you to keep your job! I’m not going to lie–it’s not exactly the most interesting or exciting aspect of working as a bodyguard, but it can make everything go smoothly.”

Please click on the link for the full article. 

3 thoughts on “The Importance of Advance Work For the Bodyguard”

  1. Trying to find a good advance guy or girl is hard. Everyone wants to be up front with the Principal but rarely do many understand the importance of a great advance person. He/She makes your trip.

    When you have a wheels up and your kickin back sippin on your mojito reminiscing on how well your trip went, you might want to toast your Advance guy/girl first.

    I pride myself in my advance skills and attention to detail. A proper advance has saved me many of times.

    Learn the art of Advance the way you learn the art of Protection. Everybody wants to be “the body” but nobody wants to be the advance man/woman. I’ll gladly step right up into that role because it’s made me an all around Protection Specialist.

  2. Advance work is very inportant to any detail. Making sure you do some advance before any detail can save not only your life, but your clients as well. I love doing the advance work. It makes me feel a lot better knowing a location before, I arrive on a detail.

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