Elijah Shaw Profiled In Meeting And Events Magazine

Elijah Shaw

I was recently profiled in the December issue of Minnesota Meeting & Events Magazine, whos primary audience is planners and decision makers who bring major events into the state.   As many may be aware,  Minnesota is hosting the 2008 Republican National Convention and my team and I will be providing a variety of security and investigative services.   

 The article, entitled In Good Hands, delivers quick sound bites on the past major events i’ve coordinated security for, my advice for event planners and some of the major projects my agency has coming up in ’08. 

Click here to read the article.

2 thoughts on “Elijah Shaw Profiled In Meeting And Events Magazine”

  1. I knew I was going to take crap from someone about the photo, so I’m glad it was you Derion!

    Listen I don’t pick the pictures (i’m usually the guy who get’s cropped out of the side of someone else’s photo =)

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