Mexican Musicans Face Security Crisis


Billboard ran an interesting article about the deadly risk that accompany Mexican performing artist that tour within their country.

“There is a lot of violence in Mexico. You need to have certain precautions,” one promoter said. “But even if you do, when they’re going to get you, they’re going to get you, no matter how careful you are. “

Here is an example of big corporations (The Record Labels) and the artist management not using their resources correctly.  While violence is certainly very high in certain areas of Mexico,  popular acts are not without the funds to hire professional security to make proper threat assessments.  the big issue, (as it is with professional sports in the USA) is who’s going to pay for it??? According to the article, since November 2006,  more than 10 other artists have been murdered in Mexico. 

Click on the link for the full story.

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