ICON CEO, Elijah Shaw, Featured In Inc. Magazine

I thought it was great when Inc. Magazine decided they wanted to do a profile piece on me as the CEO of Icon. When they told me it was entitled “Things I Can’t Live Without” and was, well, about things I couldn’t live without, I wasn’t sure what that was going. It turned out to be a fun interview where I got asked (and answered) some questions that usually never come up. With Executive Protection It’s a serious business we do, but it’s not all about dark shades and threat assessments. Letting the world (and particularly BUSINESS EXECUTIVES who are readers of Inc. Magazine) know that we are real people too, goes a long way in promoting our profession to the outside world.

So if your interested, pick up the April Issue of Inc. Magazine or click here.

4 thoughts on “ICON CEO, Elijah Shaw, Featured In Inc. Magazine”

  1. Great Article Elijah. I am planning to retire in about five years and I look forward to starting my own security practice. Your website continues to inspire me in that direction. I have the advantage of being bilingual 9English/Spanish) and starting to study French. One thing that I know will be a huge challenge is obtaining the necessary licenses to carry a sidearm as a private citizen, doing more with less resources, and paying to access private sector databases. What other challenges do you see that can potentially hamstring retired federal/state/local law enforcement investigators. I cannot imagine how you even start to protect some of your clients without the massive support systems that I have seen employed during my career. Take care and all the best.

  2. Hello Mr. Shaw,

    I like to say a great profile piece. Just like the one also in BE magazine. I’m from Annapolis, md between baltimore and washington, dc. I came across your website while searching for information in regards to the executive protection and bodyguard industry. I’m making the transition from private chauffeur to security driver. I am licensed and insured and operate under a investigative license issued by the state of maryland. My background is law enforcement and military. I’m looking to receive my formal EP training with R.L. Oatman & Associates in towson, md. Your website is a very knowledgeable and educational tool. Keep up the good work. I hope to meet you if your are ever doing business in the Baltimore, md or Washington, dc area. Networking is the key. Stay safe
    Curtis Reese

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