Top 10 Bodyguard Movies of All Time

Presenting my very biased list for Top 10 Bodyguard Movies of all time. This is an unscientific study with the only criteria being that they get a lot of play in my DVD.

1. Star Wars (Obi-Wan was Luke’s bodyguard!)
2. Man on Fire
3. Yojimbo
4. The Bodyguard (yeah it’s Cliché, but it’s a good movie)
5. Way of the Gun
6. Shogun Assassin7. Churhill’s Bodyguard
8. Heat (Not even sure if there are any BG’s in it, but it still makes list)
9. Ronin
10. In the Line of Fire

Did I miss anything?

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Bodyguard Movies of All Time”

  1. You left out the critically acclaimed “The Pacifier” with Vin Diesel. Its Disney, great writing, extensive plot and a bodyguard that has diaper duty? That’s pure Hollywood genius~

  2. Excellent choices!! Heat is still one of the best, Man on fire and way of the gun….Right in my collection.

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