August Bodyguard Training Course

ICON Celebrity Bodyguard Training

ICON will be holding our last Celebrity & VIP Protection Training Course of the season August 26-30, 2009. The previous courses have been well received, so if your interested in becoming a part of what one graduate labeled the “Bodyguard BootCamp,” visit for more information and to register.

Bodyguard Boot Camp


2 thoughts on “August Bodyguard Training Course”

  1. I recomend this class to everyone reguardless of your occupation this course will challange you both mentally and physically. I have applied several of the consepts from this class into my own weapons training class. You will know what I mean when Mr. Johnson says CONTACT.
    WHY SHOULD I TAKE THIS COURSE ? Because of the Instructors. The knowledge and real world training you receive from Mr. Shaw and his Instructors is second to none. After taking this class you see all of the mistakes made by Close Protection Specialists around the globe. Thank you Mr. Shaw for the oppertunity.

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