Bodyguard Training Course

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Celebrity & VIP Protection Training Course

(November 11-15 2009)

Icon Services Corporation is proud to present a five-day course of practical theory and hands-on
training in the world of Celebrity & VIP Protection. If you are new to the bodyguard industry or a
current operator looking to refresh and polish your skills, this course will offer excellent
instruction into the professional side of Close Protection. Taught by industry veteran Elijah
, who in addition to his corporate clients, has traveled the world as the personal bodyguard
of international public figures such as musical giant Usher, supermodel Naomi Campbell, and
rap megastar 50 Cent. The course will offer real world problems, scenarios, and solutions from
instructors that are currently active in the industry. For more information, including a course description, click HERE.


The Icon Celebrity & VIP Protection Course is a must for anyone looking to break into the industry or for those already actively working in the field that just want to stay fresh and sharp. Industry insiders will tell you that consistent training is paramount to being hired and successful in the EP business. I have graduated from their courses and I use the skills learned everyday while providing protection. The instructors are top notch in the industry.”

— Sean Ernest, PPS
Icon Celebrity Protection Alumni 2.08


5 thoughts on “Bodyguard Training Course”

  1. This is a must take course!, I have been on many details and his course have help me and my staff! No matter how long you been in the business take this course and by the way prepare to….oh never mind you will find out when you get there lolol

  2. Elijah-
    Do you ever travel to the Atlanta area? I would love to grab a coffee. Your teachings are right in line with the training I went through when I was in the Secret Service. Great blog, very very informative.

    Thanks for sharing such great information with us all. Hope to catch up soon!

  3. I would love to provide my K9 service to any body guard business in the state of MN. My dogs are certified in Narcotics searches, bomb detection, crowd control, asset protection, etc…. If you want to hear mroe about us. please contact me!

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