VIP Protection Paper Targets

So last year during one of my after-action meetings with trainers Justin Johnson & Mike Briggs I commented to them how during the live-fire drills of our training courses I would like to use a paper target that spoke more to our industry as Executive Protection Agents.  Prior to this we had been using some of the fairly common full-color situational targets that law-enforcement and the military shoot for practice.  While some of those were pretty good, none of them seemed to give me exactly what I was looking for — the scenario that I, as a bodyguard, has to suddenly pull my firearm to defend my client (as opposed to disarming a masked robber or shooting Bin Laden).  As mentioned we tried a few… then tried a few more, but I still didn’t “love ’em”.  Then inspiration struck.  If I couldn’t find what I was looking for, then I might as well create it.  Long story short, ICON was able to partner with North America’s largest distributor of paper targets to create the ICON VIP Protection Target Line.  Shot by the wonderful photographer Kiki Koralesky of Contact Front Photography, our initial series of 6 has been well received and have been met with brisk enough sales for the manufacturer to request additional targets in the future.  As they say, necessity is the mother of invention.

Click here to learn more about the ICON VIP Protection Target Line.


ICON instructors field testing the targets (Where Mike Biggs has the eerie opportunity to actually shoot himself.)

4 thoughts on “VIP Protection Paper Targets”

  1. The staff at Superior Security Concepts would like to thank Elijah Shaw and Mike Briggs for sending out their new series of training targets specifically designed for Executive Protection Specialist. The product was shipped to us in a very timely manner, much sooner than we expected to receive them. When we received the product, on examination you could immediately tell that these were first rate, top shelf products. The images are extremely clear and the surrounding scenes allow for variety of scenario based training roles. There is more than enough of a variety of scenarios enacted in the targets to cover a wide range of possible deadly force issues. The reality of the role players in the scenes forced my instructors to push themselves to a higher level of proficiency and you could see their personal stress levels go up as the participated in the role playing. Thanks again to the staff at ICON for developing such an innovative and much training tool for our industry.

    Leon S. Adams CSS
    Superior Security Concepts
    Athens/Atlanta, GA

  2. This is very cool. Great idea. Reminds me of advanced tactical firearms training where we had to shoot at balloons behind a metal hostage’s head as improvised hostage shooting drills. Too bad our instructor didn’t have your initiative. 🙂

    We can definitely use these in our trainings.

  3. Elijah,

    Great idea, much needed in our industry. Let me know the info on how I can order some. Can use them in my own training.


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