21 thoughts on “Caption This”

  1. The old family pics Sarah Palin uses to explain to Bristol..”this is how we used to deal with unplanned pregnancies..”

  2. “Now remember, It’s only 1/2 a point for taking down your own Mother-in-law!”
    “Could you repeat that thing about you said about ONLY A SILLY, DRUNK, UNEDUCATED JACK-ASS WOULD BRING A GUN TO A BLACK TIE AFFAIR?”

  3. Too freggin funny (all of then) Ok the next one of these will have to be a contest give-away for the funniest caption. Maybe starting out with a shirt or something. ~ES

  4. News from the East Coast… “Some Kennedy family members are still disputing Ted Kennedy’s will”

  5. The British are coming! The British are coming!…. no seriously, the first one to take out the waiter when he steps through that door wins!

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