Security and Safety at The World Cup

South Africa Times Reports:  South African intelligence services have been accused of being slow to react to warnings of terror threats to the 2010 World Cup

The US Congress counter-terror caucus was briefed on threats to the tournament.  Ronald Sandee, director of the NEFA Foundation, warned the US Congress that:

  • Pakistani and Somali militants are running terror training camps in northern Mozambique;
  • Trainees from these camps may have crossed into South Africa to join or form cells planning World Cup attacks;
  • Surveillance and strike teams planning attacks are well established in South Africa. Terror groups involved include al-Qaeda and their Somalian allies, al-Shahaab
  • Simultaneous and random attacks are being planned during the World Cup

On Wednesday, the National Joint Operational Centre was activated at an undisclosed military base in Pretoria. It is co-coordinating the deployment of all South African security and intelligence structures to ensure a safe World Cup, including 24-hour protection of teams and officials.

According to two insiders, a watch-list of 40 terror suspects has been drawn up.  Police have neither confirmed nor denied the arrest or watch-list.

For the full story:  Click HERE.

It’s tough finding the balance between safety & security along with access & convenience at a world sporting event such as the World Cup.  Lot’s of moving parts, lots of players.   ~ES

3 thoughts on “Security and Safety at The World Cup”

  1. I traveled to S. Africa in 2005. I remember the land to be beautiful but the people extremely dangerous. The political infrastructure is clearly 2nd world. As always, thank God Americans are on the scene and deployed nearby. Enjoy your detail and thanks for sharing your experiences.

  2. John,
    Im so sorry to hear your ignorant comments at a time when the world is supposed to be supporting the great achievements SA has accomplished by hosting this great event for the first time on African Soil.
    Of course security measures need to be taken due to the high level of terror activity on the African continent, but to say that the people are dangerous is rude, inconsiderate, incorrect and more-over just plain ignorant and irresponsible.
    Im an ex-South African who is now a citizen and have taken my american family back to SA and no-one ever felt in danger.
    You should think before you speak on things and places you dont know much about from just one visit.
    Elijah, good on you for taking the right measures to keep your clients safe, but I assume you would do that no matter where in the world you travel with them.
    Keep Safe and enjoy the world cup, im very jealous Im not there!!!

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