Mexico Government Rents Bodyguards to Workers

The Mexican Government has come up with an interesting way to try and protect employees from the increasing number of drug-fueled assassinations and kidnappings that have plauged their country.  Their solution:   Rent Bodyguards to goverment workers for protection.  While senior-level officials will still be provided bodyguards for free, federal lawmakers and court workers now have the optioin to pay for additonal protection (Ranging from 100 to 200 a day depending on skill level, etc.)
File this one under:  YOU KNOW THINGS ARE BAD WHEN…
For the full story, click HERE.

4 thoughts on “Mexico Government Rents Bodyguards to Workers”

  1. As a law enforcement firearms instructor down here in Mexico, I tell you.. B. Guarding is not taken lightly, firearms and permits are difficult to obtain, while on the other hand facing potential attacks with AK 47s. And as Admin said, Spanish is a must..

    Best Regards to all Fellow Pros in the USA..

  2. Steve, you have a first hand view on what it’s like out there and I think you are spot on. I’d recommend anyone traveling into Mexico to at the very least have a professional risk assessment done as their are many hurdles and challenges.

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