Stunt Double

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Anybody who knows me personally knows there has been kind of running joke about my *alleged* resemblance to a certain actor…Well a few years back I had to escort a client to what was at that time the reception to the wedding of the year.   Security was pretty tight with multiple checkpoints and roadblocks leading up to the site of the event.  The paparazzi took advantage as best they could of the roadblocks and scrambled over themselves to get shots of whoever they could arriving.    It was a little bit of a feeding frenzy as one shout of recognition lead to 100 flashbulbs going off at once.  Mistakes are bound to happen and well…
…click HERE and scroll thru the first couple of arrival photos, you’ll see what I mean =)

10 thoughts on “Stunt Double”

  1. I saw you in Confessions Part II! You’re a star! Or was that Mr. Washington playing the part of the bodyguard?

  2. Yes , I was escorting you through that “cornfield” in Minnesota and all your fans came out to shake your hand . Don’t think I haven’t replayed that 1000 times in my head! Ah, but it was fun!

  3. Yes, Elijah (Denzel) is right ,its an insiders thing, but as an alum of ICON I have that privilege to drop clues! Just letting all “Denzel’s” fans know they are in for a great experience and some hard work but fun at ICON’s VIP Celebrity training class!

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