Mexican Mayor Killed By Bodyguard

The drug trade fueled violence in Mexico continues.

According to news reports, six police officers in Mexico have been arrested in connection with the murder of a mayor kidnapped early this week in the ultra-violent north of the country, local authorities said Friday.

The officers, including one who acted as bodyguard to Edelmiro Cavazos, the slain mayor of the town of Santiago, were paid off by a drug gang to facilitate the crime, the regional governor and the prosecutor, Rodrigo Medina and Alejandro Garza, told reporters.

Apparently his other bodyguard was overpowered and beaten but otherwise left alive during the kidnap attempt.

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2 thoughts on “Mexican Mayor Killed By Bodyguard”

  1. It is really bad when you’re protection turns against you. Guess you really can’t trust anybody these days. Sad, sad day.

  2. this is not the first I heard of some crazy wild story, Its hard for me to believe a specialist would turn on his client for some extra money. who knows that might just be a plan to make someone pay for the lost of there leader, on the other hand Im being paid to keep him alive why would I do something that crazy?

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