Kidnappings up more than 90% in Mexico

The Mexican newspaper Milenio reported that during the first three years of Mexico President Felipe Calderon’s term, kidnapping reports rose an astounding 90 percent.

A total of 2,593 kidnapping reports were filed during former president Vicente Fox’s term, from 2000 – 2006. In turn, 2,455 kidnapping reports were filed from 2007 – 2009.

It should be noted though that the numbers represent reports of kidnappings instead of the actual numbers, which are most likely higher. In general policemen in Mexico are not trusted because of their corruption and ineffectiveness. In addition, when kidnappings involve rival drug traffickers, it is almost certain they will not involve the police.

Kidnappings are so rampant that many firms doing business in Mexico have kidnapping insurance. In December 2008 a contract employee of ASI Global, which provides kidnapping advice and rescue for companies worldwide, went missing. Over a year later he has still not been found.

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Regarding the contractor of ASI Global, his name is Felix Batista, a  former US Army Major, and trained expert in kidnappings in that area of the world.  Felix was taken while in Northern Mexico conducting a lecture on how corporations can avoid kidnapping.  The notorious criminal gang, the Zeta’s are believed to be behind the abduction.   During the search the FBI found 18 OTHER bodies in a hidden grave, however none of them were Mr. Batista.

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