Bodyguards Support the Fight Against Domestic Violence

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month which many know is a cause that I support wholeheartedly.  Today I took a few clients on a tour of Women’s Advocates – The nation’s oldest  shelter for women who are victims of Domestic Abuse, and an organization I have the pleasure of serving on the Board of Directors.  The shelter assists women and their children with coping with a pretty dark period in their lives and does a really good job of helping the children deal with that trauma, by allowing them to well…be children.

During a tour of one of the play areas on the site, I had to keep ducking under the low ceilings, and narrowly dodged a speeding nerf ball.    Then came a challenge:

“I’ll put up $ _ ,_ _ _.00  if you sit in that kid sized chair and post the photo on facebook.”

My response was, not only will I do that, I’ll put it on my Blog.

I spent my morning contributing to aiding the fight against DV.   How you can spend yours?

For more on Women’s Advocates click HERE.

For more on the ISC Safety-Net, my program that provides free security services to victims of Domestic Violence click HERE.

3 thoughts on “Bodyguards Support the Fight Against Domestic Violence”

  1. We should get a couple of those chairs for your office – they look comfy! Seriously though – small price to pay for a 4-digit donation!

    …and we get a cute picture of you!

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