Caption This Pt. 9

The weekly  “Caption This” feature of Bodyguard Blog continues as we ask readers to supply their own witty comments to humorous Executive Protection / Military Themed photos.

A writer for a small town newspaper who was a little too persistent with trying to give President Barack Obama a letter was “forcibly” removed from a press area near Air Force One.  The manner of said removal, plus the crowd reactions, are ripe for another installment of our ongoing feature.

Fire away!

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7 thoughts on “Caption This Pt. 9”

  1. Due to current budget cuts, the Secret Service will no longer offer visiting dignitaries a vehicle escort. “Don’t worry though”, commented the head of the agency,”we have come up with an alternative solution”.

  2. “Mamma Obama, if you miss the limo again you will have to find your own ride!”


    PS: Yes these are USSS SA’s, I know and have worked with the SA on the right for years! They are removing this lady from the press pen. No credential, no access lady!

  3. To add Mr.Jones they acted very smoothly in removing the female protester.Sorry for that stupid Name wich i gave myself.I was 14 at this time and want to become a Special Agent with the USSS in the Protective Mission.I`m 17 right now so i use this Blog to inform me about the Protection of a Prinicipal.

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