Executive Protection Course Round Up

ICON is proud to announce the successful completion of our January 5-day ICON Celebrity & VIP Protection Course!  Thank you to the 14 students that made it to the end, giving their time, dedication and hard earned dollars to attend.  (Not to mention the fact that all did their due diligence and knew they were talking a course in Minnesota, in January! –extra kudos goes for that fact alone.)

Once again the attendees came from various countries (Canada, Australia), ages, colors & genders (thank you to the 3 ladies in attendance), to meet in an environment that leveled the playing field.   By the time the course wrapped, everyone –instructors included — were tired, but as the motto goes:  Train hard, Win easy.

Next course, March 23-27, 2011.  To sign up for future classes, click HERE.

“I recognized the enormous benefits in training internationally with like minded professionals in our field.  Having instructors and presenters that actively work within the industry and who are willing to share their wealth of practical information, transposed to world class training that was both interesting & informative, with a focus on the real aspects of the work.  I will not hesitate to recommend the course to my friends and colleagues in the industry.”  ~ Chris Feretopoulos from Melbourne, Australia on why he choose to attend the course.

Protecting the Principal

5 thoughts on “Executive Protection Course Round Up”

  1. The benefits of the course are enourmous. As Mr. Shaw said they don’t just teach theory. They provide practical applications in real life scenarios. Not only is the training top notch but the networking that comes as a result is very productive. For anyone looking to move up in the security world I would highly recommend training with Icon.

  2. This course was more than I expected in terms of learning how to conduct close protection. The instructors were second to none and though firm, showed a genuine care for teaching us the correct way to conduct operations in all aspects of protecting a client. A realistic, motivating, and very informative learning schedule made a group of fourteen men and women into a team, and gave us the right training and confidence to conduct close protection. I am very excited about the possibilities that lay ahead after taking this course.

  3. This course was my entry into executive protection training. Recieving far beyond what I would have from the typical 1 to 3 day “introduction”, the training staff at Icon puts their experience and knowledge up front to provide the attendees with a real world feel rather than hours of theory. Thanks again to the staff and I know that this will be a great foundation for my future training.

  4. I would like to thank you (Elijah) and your staff (Justin and Mike) for the excellent training. I have attended several E.P. and PSD Courses that the industry has considered the best and I would honestly state that the Celebrities and VIP Protection Course has been the most realistic course I have taken. This course definitely bridges the gap between Corporate E.P. and Celebrity E.P. I have never attended a course that actually allows an E.P. training exercise with an actual client. ICON definitely sets itself apart from its competition and I will recommend your course as the go to course.

    Thank you,

    Darryl Biggs

  5. I had a great time at this course, I would like to thank everyone who assisted in putting on this course including all the instructors. The Exercise and the Weapons Training helped me a lot, it got me motivated to start running again and more in tune with weapons. The Force on Force was a great Training since it gave you a reality setting in the EP world of high risk, and being able to have an actual client to escort around and do the duties of a bodyguard got me more prepared in what to look for and to look forward to in the future. I appreciate everything that was appointed to me at the training and look forward to using it in the future.

    Thank You and God Bless

    Griffin Schulz

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