Caption This pt. 11

Welcome to the 2011 return of “Caption This” — The weekly feature from Bodyguard Blog that asks readers to supply their own witty comments to humorous photos related to the Executive Protection industry.  This photo is of the brave men and women of the United States Secret Service, and while they have a very important job, even they would have to admit, this picture is worth a thousand words.

With that said, how would you CAPTION THIS? :

6 thoughts on “Caption This pt. 11”

  1. Standard issue to wade through the supervisor’s bullshit at times… trust me, I have seen it first hand and worn the booties to keep my shoes clean! The next picture I am sure will show Clinton’s detail leader stroll out with no booties on… It gets pretty thick at times…

  2. “…dont even look at me! this is the 3rd time this month we’ve lost our client. we are going to be in deep $h*t when we get back to the office!’

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