Caption This pt. 12

The weekly  “Caption This” feature of Bodyguard Blog returns as we ask readers to supply their own witty comments to humorous Executive Protection related photos.

Traditionally speaking, I know the story behind the photos before I post them, but I have to say, I’m just as perplexed as everyone else might be with this one???

So jumping right in, let’s “Caption This…”

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16 thoughts on “Caption This pt. 12”

  1. (Radio chatter).. Team leader to team, Alright team, lets run it again, and this time on point and no screw ups, driver… I told you guys no drinking the day before ops training. Maybe next time they’ll give us real assault vehicles, instead of these segways. (Team leader) “got us running up and down this runway, looking like Paul blart the mall cop!”

  2. Well folks, I wish I had something witty this week but sadly I have actually done this. The looks you get on one of these are priceless though!

  3. Off the top of my head, I seem to recall that being a Chinese security forces demo that was conducted prior to the Olympics being hosted in China (2008?)

  4. Ok,… remember the plan, now as soon as the get-away vehicle slows down to 5 miles an hour we got em, if not we plug em in and wait until their on the way back from the robbery and then we ram them…

  5. Always in search of new techniques, the Japanese Counter Assault Team members train for the ever shrinking transportation needs on the island of Japan. Things are even worse in Okinawa! Bonzai!

  6. By my calculations….We are moving at thirteen miles per hour, so our bullets should hit light speed in exactly 3.12 nano seconds. Speed kills baby, speed kills. We have them now Batman. The Joker will joke no more.

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