The Unusual: BulletProof Clipboards

First there were bulletproof T-Shirts.

then there were bulletproof summer Polo’s

Next there were bulletproof Underwear.

Now you can accessorize your outfit with the inclusion of a bulletproof clipboard.  The folks at, which have some up with some pretty unconventional inventions in the past, have added what they call the Bulletproof Body Armor Clipboard to their line-up and even included a video field testing it.


From their tongue-in-cheek product description:

Each Bulletproof Body Armor Clipboard is a section of Level II body armor, with a clip attached to hold the paper. Level II body armor is tough enough to stop the penetration of 9mm bullets.  The Bulletproof Body Armor Clipboard is the toughest clipboard we’ve ever held. Sure, it’s heavy, but when you own a clipboard that can stop bullets, weight doesn’t matter anymore. Nothing matters anymore, other than your own awesomeness for being the only person in the office to own aBulletproof Body Armor Clipboard.

For more on the clipboard including video of their field test, click HERE.

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