Police Crack Down on Bodyguards at Canada Awards Show

The issue of regulation and licensing of Executive Protection Agents (Bodyguards) has often been an area subject to challenge, and contention within the  Protection industry.  No matter were you fall on the issue, it appears that Canada has taken a vocal stance, using the International Indian Film Awards held in Toronto to illustrate their point.

Via the Canadian Press:

Police are set to lay nearly 150 charges, alleging numerous security guards working at the International Indian Film Awards show in Toronto last month weren’t properly licensed.

Two British nationals have already been charged for allegedly providing close protection to a Bollywood star without having the credentials to do so.

And another 142 charges are pending after a police investigation into private security services during the International Indian Film Academy awards, which hosted events from June 23 to 25.

They include 24 counts of employing an unlicensed security guard, 16 counts of working as an unlicensed security guard and 96 counts of licensed agency permit uniform violation.

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How do you feel about it, good for the industry or no?


3 thoughts on “Police Crack Down on Bodyguards at Canada Awards Show”

  1. We as security people are not above the law and compliance with it is something that usually assists us in achieving most of our objectives. However the nebulous expression “the credentials to do so” leaves me uneasy. Who is to say what having such credentials entails? Granted, the licensing of a guard or officer is an easy “yes he is or no isn’t”. The “credentials to do CP” is a matter much more arbitrary and undefined I believe. As to whether it helps or hurts the security community,i. e, the industry, is not totally clear to me yet. On one hand it might push a lot of good people out of work opportunities. Conversely, it may establish and preserve credibility within the industry..

    1. I actually work for the company ( Star Security Inc ) that did all of the CP work for IIFA 2011 in Toronto. I can tell you that not one person in the company that i work for was charged. The charges that were laid were against 2 men from Britain and the company (Arya Forces) that was working the fence line @ Rogers Centre that had neither a business licence or insurance as well as unlicenced guards. If anyone would like to see if an agency or person has a licence can go to the Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services website: http://www.mcscs.jus.gov.on.ca/english/PISG/LicensedAgencies/agency_list.html

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