Caption This 17


“Caption This” makes a long overdue appearance as readers  supply their own witty comments to our humorous selection of Executive Protection/ Law Enforcement / Military related photos.

Today’s photo comes by way of the very umm… subtle appearance of a security team in South Africa that raised more than a few eyebrows.

So , let’s turn this into a teachable moment and “Caption This…”


Please read below, as some readers have have some great comments in the past but have not met the eligibility requirements to win the prize:

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The one with the most “likes” next to their comment will win a surprise gift.  (also remember, even if you are not leaving a comment, give yourself some good karma and vote for the one you think is the most humorous.)

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18 thoughts on “Caption This 17”

  1. Ok let’s take this to the next level ;-)))
    Ok Talking on top of his voice he screams out to a man in front of him

    “LISTEN!!!! Mr Man are you ALRIGHT AT ALL? I say LEAVE this place right now and don’t PROVOKE ME otherwise I’ll SHOOT you with my EYEBALLS”

  2. clip on tie…$2
    m14 assault rifle…..stolen
    realizing that you just shot a hole through your hired suit and missed your D*&#k………priceless

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