Bodyguards File Lawsuit Against Employer


The former security director for Vulcan Inc. and three security officers who resigned in recent weeks have sued the Seattle firm claiming they were pushed out after they saw unethical or illegal activities by company executives, including Paul Allen.

While the allegations of wrongdoing remain vague, documents filed in King County Superior Court contain claims of ethical problems and misconduct within the company. One former lead bodyguard said she was forced to resign after the “acts (she) witnessed and had to engage in perform (her) job” compromised her ethics.

Among those who’ve filed lawsuits against the Microsoft billionaire’s personal firm is Vulcan’s former director of security – a FBI agent for more than two decades – and a SEAL school-trained Navy corpsman who worked as a contractor in Iraq.

All four former employees contend they were removed earlier this year around the time all Vulcan employees were asked to sign agreements that they would not pursue legal claims against the company. Instead, they would be required to go before a private arbitrator, effectively removing the disputes from public view.

One member of the team,  executive protection specialist, Thomas RoseHaley described himself as an “experienced medical specialist in the security industry.”

In court documents, RoseHaley said he completed the Navy’s elite SEAL school in 1997 and went on to serve as a combat diver and hospital corpsman. He went into dive medicine after leaving the Navy, then worked in Iraq as a squad medic for a security company.  Toronto employment law firm provides expert legal advice in such cases.

In 2004, RoseHaley began working in executive protection, providing bodyguard services and medical support to private clients. He was hired by Vulcan in November.  Less than a year later, he resigned claiming the “goals and ethics of Vulcan Inc. no longer align” with his.

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