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ICON is proud to announce the successful completion of our October 5-day ICON Celebrity & VIP Protection Course!  Thank you to the 17 students that attended, making the commitment of both time and resources to achieve their individual goals of succeeding in the Executive Protection Industry.  

Like past courses, we packed the schedule with as much information, tactics, scenarios and drills as we are able to in an effort to maximize the students limited time spent with us.  In addition,this session, we were happy to have two “thought leaders” in the industry as guest instructors, namely Security Driving Guru, Tony Scotti of Tony Scotti’s Vehicle Dynamic’s Institute and Mark “Six” James of Panther Protection Services.  Both Tony and Mark brought decades of hands-on experience from their perspective fields and everyone, from the instructors on down, were very happy to have them at the Academy.  As one previous Alumni put it, having the opportunity to hear Mr. Scotti speak on the role Armored Cars play in VIP Protection, or “6”discuss the anatomy of the shooting of Former President Reagan from both the attacker and the protectors viewpoint, was worth the price of attendance alone.


Next course, January 11-15, 2012.  

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“I recognized the enormous benefits in training internationally with like minded professionals in our field.  Having instructors and presenters that actively work within the industry and who are willing to share their wealth of practical information, transposed to world class training that was both interesting & informative, with a focus on the real aspects of the work.  I will not hesitate to recommend the course to my friends and colleagues in the industry.”  ~ Chris Feretopoulos from Melbourne, Australia on why he choose to attend the course.

5 thoughts on “ICON Bodyguard Course Recap”

  1. The best EP course I’ve been to. Mr Shaw and the instructors made the experience as realistic as possible. I’d recommend to anyone who wants to get in this business, take this course. My training is not done. ~ Malik Jones, Icon Alumni October 2011

  2. 5 intense days of top level training from a crew of great guys that happen to be some of the best in the industry. I learned far more than I had imagined I would going in – and did it in a way that actually built a true understanding of what it means to work at the top level in this industry.

  3. This class was OUTSTANDING! The instructors were live agents, some of the best in the business. They used real life situations that they themselves have experienced. The course was very intense to help simulate the mental stress and physical fatigue we would get from a long day or days on a real mission. Very helpful instructors who pushed us because they want us to succeed. Learned a lot of trade secrets that you wont get from other classes. And to top it all off at the end of the class, we experienced a real world training opportunity with a real VIP / Celebrity principal that we worked with. Awesome experience! I would say anyone interested in a start in the career field and or just looking for more training take this course, Definately worth the money!

  4. First I would like to say THANKS to Malik Jones, for the push and support during PT on the long run to the park and back !! The CPC course was AWESOME, the training was #1, taught by some of the BEST instructors in the industry… These professionals pushed us to some of our personal limits mentally and definitely physically… I never thought I could get sooo fatigued in a few minutes outside my wrestling training… However I know now where I have to improve in all areas of this business… The fundamentals and knowledge these men instill in you are nothing short of incredible.. Then after all classroom business was done, we got the chance to demonstrate what we learned by protecting REAL VIP’s in the field… Let me tell you the hours were kind of long but, whatever it takes to ensure the safety of the principal…. I suggest anyone even thinking trying to break into the biz to take the CPC course…

    Thank You to the instructors Mr. Elijah Shaw, Mr. Justin Newcomb and Mr. Justin Johnson… Special guest Mr. Mark “Six” James and Mr. Tony Scotti… GREAT EXPERIENCE !!!

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