What’s So Different About The ICON Advanced Executive Protection Course?


In short, everything and nothing.  Security Driving Guru, Tony Scotti recently said to me upon reviewing first hand the ICON Celebrity & VIP Protection Course , “Why don’t you just call it the “Executive Protection Course”, as all of the fundamentals are here”.  Mr. Scotti, had  a great point, and my response was that I wanted to make sure those that attended knew that in addition to those fundamentals they were also getting something at the class that had a clear distinction from what they could find anywhere else.   –An emphasis on working with Celebrities and the challenges and rewards that come with that segment of the marketplace from people that still do the work on a daily basis.  As we like to describe it; additional tools for the toolbox.

Along those lines, when we made the decision to introduce an Advanced 10 day course, I wanted to again have a distinction in the market.  This time it came in the form of not just teaching how to do everything the “right way” but also how to act (and react) when things go wrong.  the ICON Advanced Executive Protection Course puts an emphasis on operating in a hostile environment with a client and covers a multitude of disciplines including Risk Assessments, Threat Planning, Surveillance Detection, Counteraction Drills and medical life saving techniques, with several curve balls thrown in.   Having recently wrapped a course to positive reviews, I think we are again practicing our philosophy of giving great value and respect to the time and resources expended by the attending student.  Now looking forward to Tony stopping by the next one and letting me know what he thinks.


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One thought on “What’s So Different About The ICON Advanced Executive Protection Course?”

  1. What is the difference between the ICON CPC and the AEP? First off, I was privileged to be able to take both courses back to back. The CPC was exceptional and foundational experience. I am so very appreciative to not only have attended the course but to have Mr. Scotti bless us with his presence was a tremendous honor as well. That says volumes about Mr. Shaw as a visionary in our field. I also appreciate Mr. Mark “Six” James for presence, expertise and mentorship. The CPC focused was on fundamentals of the professional protector, how to and how not to provide protection services and some very important jewels were shared about how to market your protection services in the industries involving celebrities.

    As far as I’m concerned, with my training and experience as an US Army Ranger, with goals and aspirations to build a business that provides protection services in high risk situations, I could not have chosen a better course to use my skills and learn new skills specific to the industry. The ICON AEP teaches how to plan for an high risk international operation, build in those contingencies, sharpen tactical carbine skills, and then you get to see how much you have retained in class during a real world based scenario training exercise. World class training! I am very proud to be a part of it all.

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