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As a follow up to our Blog posting on Security and Touring with Musicians, Executive Protection Specialist Benjamin Alozie added some points in the international arena that were so good they needed a separate post.

1. The Advance in some third world countries can be more than challenging to effectively execute that said, never go on a road trip without making sure you understand the routes or have someone who understand it and even when you are traveling on the route with a local driver until you get to the final destination always keep an attentive eyes on the road, never assume that the local driver knows how to spot signs of danger, an ambush or a kill zone.

2. When possible and depending on your manpower always make sure a qualified agent or a person you know that can follow guidelines strictly to the letter and is always at the next venue with the welcome party if not you’ll be shocked by the chaos you’ll be greeted with on arrival with your principal.

3. As a foreign protection specialist always keep a low profile and be extremely courteous and respectful to everyone you ever make contact with and when possible be generous with gifts you’ll be shocked with the types of Intel benefits you’ll eventually be getting because of these actions.

4. Make sure you interact with the local staffs and security agents by asking questions that will help you understand their intellectual capacity and even level of training. This will help you to eventually select only the best individuals from the local team that can effectively help you achieve your mission.

5. If you are working with local law enforcement agents make sure you bond with all as much as reasonably possible and most especially with their commanders. Whenever you are working with armed local law enforcements agents make sure that they are part of the people you’ll be monitoring until you are safely back to the hotel or residence with your principal. Why? Accidental discharges are common and it is a common practice to see armed law enforcement officers pointing the barrels of their riffles knowingly or unknowingly at people with fingers on the trigger. You don’t want any type of riffle barrel pointing at you or your principal.

6. Never assume the local security agent and even law enforcement officers will completely secure any location the way it should be done without continuous supervision. So create a means for continuous supervision at every location you are in with the local security agents and law enforcement officers especially in third world countries.

7. If you are lodged in a hotel or luxury apartments always think Personal security and OPSEC because the cleaners and room service people can be very nosy in some countries. I always hang the do not disturb sign on my door until I really need my room cleaned.

8. As an operator in a foreign country always assume that you have already been noticed and targeted by a local criminal group because of either your clean appearance, nationality or color of your skin. Using the opposite sex as a bait to get you is a highly effective methods criminals use in kidnapping westerners especially in third world countries so be careful and try to avoid if possible all forms of unnecessary flirtatious socials and outings with local strangers, limit all necessary forms of socials to only those organized by people you know. Don’t ever wander alone especially at night into the city. There will be ample time for all that after a successful mission.


Benjamin Alozie is the Global Director of International Operations for ICON Services Corporation and is an expert in providing security solutions in Third World Countries.  For more information click HERE

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