An EPIC Recap


Had a great time speaking and attending the 30th Annual Conference hosted by Executive Protection Institute (EPI) and the Nine Lives Associates (NLA).  The event, held in Orlando Fl, consisted of a well balanced mix of seasoned industry veterans as well as  newcomers to the profession who were eager to network and learn.  This was also my first meeting with EPI’s esteemed founder Dr. Richard Kobetz who sat front row during my presentation entitled “A Day In the Life – The Anatomy of a VIP Protection Assignment.”  (When he told me that he enjoyed it, it more than made up for the powerpoint delay that happened at the start!)  With additional presentations that included Harlan “Hucky” Austin, Robert “Rick” Colliver, Charles Randolph, Bill Peeler and a keynote by Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman, I knew I was in esteemed company. Additional thanks to EPI Executive Director Jerry Heying and his team for putting on a great event.

Thanks for the invite,

Elijah Shaw, CEO

Icon Services Corporation  


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