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Australian Prime Minister Security Disaster

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“Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard clung to her bodyguard as she was dragged to safety through a crowd of angry protesters in Canberra today.

Riot police formed a shield around the prime minister as they helped her force a path through the protesters who surrounded a restaurant where she was attending an awards ceremony to mark Australia Day.

Miss Gillard stumbled after losing a shoe in the scuffle, but was caught by her personal security guard and managed to get into a waiting car. “

After watching the video of the events that transpired ,I was very confused by he lack of security procedures that should have been in place prior to having a VIP on site (The Advance) as well as some of the actions that were taken when the decision was made to quickly remove the Prime Minister THROUGH THE MIDDLE OF A CROWD OF ANGRY PROTESTERS???

Maybe these guys know something I don’t…

Check out the video yourself HERE.

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  1. Chris Feretopoulos says:

    The photo above speaks volumes in itself, in terms of the security (evacuation) procedure. Very perplexing.

  2. Paul Tyler says:

    A situation that went from bad to worse. We don’t know what the protection team knew and feared to extract the principal in such a manner. The brief given to her infront of a camera for all to see & hear baffled me, then the embarrassment caused as she was dragged down steps and along the grass to the vehicle. It’s easy to critic a situation from an arm chair but the way the protection team carried out this hasty evacuation did suprise me but I’m sure the team debrief was extensive & lessons were learnt! Regards PT

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