The Choice: Celebrity vs. Executive Protection

Quite recently when I read about how World Protection Group executive protection has been taking over the private security of many popular names in various industry, it took me straight back to the first matrix movie.

Everyone’s seen The Matrix right?  Morpheus is standing in front of you, extends his hand and gives you a choice: Blue or Red.  The Blue Pill leads to a stable career in Corporate Executive Protection— more often than not, standard hours, reasonable expectations and a healthy benefits package.   Alternatively, the Red pill takes you down the rabbit hole to the wild and unpredictable world of Celebrity Security.  Long hours, temperamental clients, and a job description that includes pretty much everything but the kitchen sink.  For those of us who have entered this industry with the strong desire to apply our skills to protecting others in the most professional manner possible, it’s almost a no brainer, correct?

I mean, give me the corporate stuff, right?  Send me on my way and let me cash my paycheck at the end of the week.  Seriously, who in their right mind would want to deal with actors and their egos, or even worse, musicians with their quirks, or even worse than worse RAPPERS and their entourages, particularly if the revenue generated is the same???

But maybe that’s not the case.   Maybe there are some that find the world of protecting entertainers stimulating in a way that they just would not get in the more subdued assignments that would accompany working day in and out with the Chief Executive Officer of a corporation.   I’m not talking about the “knuckle draggers” or the “buddy-guards” either, I’m thinking of men and women who have the look, training and demeanor to slide right into a “Blue Pill” position and succeed.  They make a conscious choice to work Celebrity Protection and are happy with it.

I’m sometimes referred to as a bit of an anomaly in the fact that I actively pursue and enjoy working with both client types.   I’m able to make the transition between the personalities and protocols, and enjoy the change of pace and variety.  A short time ago I was laughing with my staff that at the beginning of the week I was working with the senior executives of one of the United States largest corporations and by the weekend I was fending off overenthusiastic fans that tried to stop my entertainment client in the middle of a busy street for an autograph.

So having established that there are some Operators who do both, I also find it interesting that in the industry as a whole there is usually an invisible line drawn in the sand and depending on which side of the fence you are on, rarely do the two cross.  A big part of that is perception.  I hope the efforts by others and myself who are involved not only with working with celebrities, but also getting information out about the successes associated with this niche market have helped with that.   The media gives us a steady diet of horror stories; Celebrity X’s bodyguard punches out a Paparazzi.  Entertainer Y’s security has decided to write a “tell all” book, so of course that paints a picture that all clients in this area are extremely difficult or that any agent working with them is little more than an untrained, ex-football player.

Over the years, I have spoken  at major industry conferences (The Protective Security Conference the International Executive Protection Conference, & EPIC) on topics related to Celebrity & VIP Protection, and after each presentation I was greeted by trained individuals who wanted to do more in that segment of the market.   They simply hadn’t thought past the horror stories and stereotypes, and realized that there were great opportunities for Operators with the right skills to make their mark.

Make no mistake about it, I also had a fair share of Protectors who patted me on the back and said, “great lecture, but better you than me.  I just don’t have the tolerance level”.  I understand that completely, and I think that’s much better than the person who says the can live in both worlds but strikes out horribly when given the chance.  I just think the industry is big enough to encompass all facets including Celebrity Protection, Executive Protection, Dignitary & Religious Figures and so on.  Thinking about it, I suppose if Neo had of taken the Blue Pill in the movie he would have had a lot less headaches, but it also would have been quite a bit shorter.

You can read more of my personal views on the Executive Protection Industry in every issue of The Circuit Magazine where I write a regular column entitled, Keeping Your Edge.   Find it HERE.


7 thoughts on “The Choice: Celebrity vs. Executive Protection”

  1. Great article Elijah. I have enjoyed working with clients on both sides of the spectrum. The most important thing for me is a client that is compliant and affords me the opportunity to keep them safe. I have been blessed I have a mutual arrangement with my clients. I tell me athletes, I promise to not try and read defenses on Sunday if you let me call the shots on protection.

  2. I’ve been in the industry for sometime now and have had the privledge to choose both blue and red pills and this article hits the nail on the head, the fundamentals of EP will always remain the same regardless of Celebrity or Dignitary client. As EP professionals we need to continue to challenge ourselves with diversity of clients every opportunity we get. Our success in this industry is based on training, experience and character. A true Professional whether working detail with Celebrity or Executive client will never allow a person or situation take him outside his character!!!

    Great Article Elijah!

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  4. Outstanding view Mr. shaw!

    I’ve been on both sides…I’m most definitely for the executive side.
    I’ve always called the celebrity side of it…BABYSITTERS or BABYSITTING because that’s what it typically boils down to…oh…the headache of spoiled idiot brats with a large bank account!
    Also…the chances of being arrested and or sued for assault and battery is greatly increased with BABYSITTING.. some freely place you in an inescapable situation just to draw more attention to themselves.
    It often pays a little better.. but it never replaces the class of protecting an executive with a clear mindset of remaining safe…in my opinion of course..

    Bobby D

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