5 Tips for Dressing the Modern Bodyguard


Choose the Right Suit for the Job

Quality matters, but you don’t have to go and drop several thousand on a new wardrobe.   Building a complete wardrobe happens over time, acquiring a few pieces here and there that you can mix and match.  Think dark blue as an excellent launch pad when it comes to colors.  Neat is what you should be going for, but not too tight.  Remember, if we there is a problem,  we are suppose to be able to move in those things.

Empty Suit Jacket Pockets

Those two flaps on the side of the suit jacket? They are not for “stuff,” they are for show.  Put something in it and the bulges are very apparent (and sloppy looking).  Instead use your inside pocket, “GO bag” or belt.



Get your suit tailored around your “tools”

If you are carrying a firearm, handcuffs, flashlight, etc. those bulges will show.  Instead when you go to get your suit tailored (and every suit should be tailored) do it with your gear on.  (Note:  make sure you let them know what you do professionally in advance so you don’t scare anyone).



Don’t get sloppy with the knot

A properly tied tie can make or break an outfit.   Learn the difference between a Windsor, a Half Windsor and a Four in Hand.  And while clip on ties might sound straight out of Junior Prom, there is a great case to be made that bodyguards should not wear anything that could be used as a strangulation aide in the event of a hands-on altercation.



Female Protectors- Dress to equalize the odds

High heels are nice and fashionable but for an assignment extremely impractical.  Stick to flats.  Same with skirts and dresses, look at the secret service model – suit jacket, slacks and a “don’t even think about it” attitude.



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  1. One thing wich is important for me on this article are Accessoire e.g. like suspenders/Handcuffs and an Holster for you`re mobile phone.But thanks for the article!

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