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ICON provides high level security consultation to national level artist, entertainers and public figures. Our diverse roster of clients reads as a virtual who’s who in the motion picture, fashion and recording industry. We supply, train and staff a team of experienced protection agents who have operated all over the world.  Visit us at http://www.industry-icon.com/ for more information.

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  1. Mr. Shaw,

    Thank you for putting together such a comprehensive and informative website. I have been considering a transition to EP/CP and have found your site invaluable as I begin my research into the field.

    All the best,

    Miguel DeCoste

  2. Thank you Miguel, I’m glad you found the site informative (but not too “stuffy”) there are a lot of professionals that visit here, so feel free to drop one a line if you have questions on the EP industry.

    Good luck!

  3. Elijah,

    Reading your articles have really helped me alot. I think this website gives a lot insight on the Executive Protection Industry. Hats off for putting thid together.

  4. I am looking into starting my own business in this field. I am a Professional Body Trainor/Registered Nurse. Any information you can give me would be helpful.


  5. Eric,

    Take a look around this site as well as some of the other professional ones listed in the blogroll. Then find yourself a good EP training school. Be prepared to start at the bottom and work hard for your goals and you’ll get there.

    Best of luck,


  6. Hi Elijah,

    I would like to first thank you for spending the time to help those of us that are also in the industry but aren’t as experienced … we have just started our firm and really are having a difficult time getting our first clients … Can you offer any insights or advice to a newbie in the bodyguarding industry? We are all well trained in martial arts, large men, and scary looking … maybe that is the problem??? Thanks J

  7. Forgive me if I’m overstepping here, but I just read J Manzano’s question. And Elijah, please feel free to correct anything I say.
    Being a large man is all well and good, scary looking, ok? Martial arts, terrific.
    Keep in mind however, if you stand out as an obvious bodyguard and someone really wants your client, guess who gets capped first. Name of the game is “blend in baby”. A serious bodyguard is not mearly a status symbol. You’re not to be worn like a big diamond ring.
    Also keep in mind that if you find yourself using a lot of martial arts or weapons in the protection of a client, you’re not doing your home work. The idea is to avoid trouble, keep your client out of the danger zone. That’s why expolice officers like myself have to be retrained to be good bodyguards. Cops like trouble and they go to it. Bodyguards want anything but trouble so we prepare and plan. We assure our clients are not exposed to any unnessesary risk.
    Don’t forget also, protection means protection. That means you protect in every regard, Reputations, secrets, bodies, all of it. Your client should be confident that anything you witness stays in your head and will never suface anywhere, ever!!!
    Please forgive my rude intrusion, I can only hope I’ve offered some insight into this amazing career you’ve chosen.

  8. Easydoesit, you make some great points. I think there is a role for all shapes, sizes and colors in this industry. (Well maybe not out-of-shape). Training is also very important, the martial arts are a valuable skill, but even more valuable is the “mental arts” — The act of deflecting your opponent by outthinking them. Those of us in the industry that have a black belt in that decline tend to excel and keep our clients out of harms way. Thank you for your contribution to the discussion.

  9. Good Morning Elijah,

    I just had a chance to visit your website. It is done very well, and I especially like your presentation! You really offer a lot of excellent advice to the novice and veteran. I enjoyed viewing your photographs from China, Rome, Japan, etc. Does your company do a lot of overseas operations?

    My name is David-Michael Saint’Gregory and I am the CEO / Founder of All-Saints Limited. We have been in business since 1993. We started as a limousine service, and than progressed into security, surveillance, executive protection, etc.

    It would be great if we could post some pictures, but because of confidentiallity agreements…:(

    Our website is being updated and redone, and should be completed soon. Your blog is a great idea!

    The majority of our personnel have completed their schooling at the Executive Protection Institute (EPI) in Berryville, Virgina, which meets the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) training requirements as a Personal Protection Specialist (PPS) in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and nomination into the Nine Lives Association (NLA). It has been around for twenty-five (25) years and is internationally known.

    We are licensed in the following: Washington, DC, Virginia, Texas, & Florida.

    We are not asked often to supply personnel for missions in Minnesota, as the last time was in the early 1990’s, and that required a lot of limousines and personnel at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.

    However, if I can ever be of assistance; please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Keep up the good work,…and stay safe!

    Looking forward to working with you in the future.

    Semper Fi,
    David-Michael Saint’Gregory
    CEO / Founder
    All-Saints Limited
    Our Motto: In Omnia Paratus – Ready in Many Ways

    DMS / ten

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