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Moscow: Court Witnesses to Receive Bodyguards

Moscow- Witnesses whose testimony in court could cost them their lives will get bodyguards and possibly plastic surgery under a witness protection program approved by the Cabinet. The $35.5 million program is meant to shore up the country’s shaky criminal justice system, the government said. 

This has always been a serious problem in Russia, and It will be interesting to see if this initiative gets off the ground. 

Mainstream Media Covers Celebrity Bodyguards

Talking shop with celebrity bodyguards — The personal security men of Justin Timberlake, Beyonce and Ashlee Simpson show us a side we haven’t seen. 

It’s the “Photo Issue” so it’s a bit of a light read, but great exposure for the guys in our industry.  Special mention to Hassan and Big Shorty both of whom I know personally and have had the pleasure of working side by side with.

The Good, the bad and the ugly

The GOOD:  UK-Asecurity firm launched six years ago by a nightclub doorman expects to boost turnover by £2m over the next two years.

The BAD: Philippines-six police officers – including a superintendent—are under investigation for allegedly serving as bodyguards of controversial businessman and former Manila Congressman Mark Jimenez without getting permission from their superiors.

The UGLY: BAGHDAD, Iraq A roadside bomb killed three people traveling in a private security company convoy near Basra on Monday, police and the British military reported.

Kroll looks to sell security subsidiary

NEW YORK — Kroll, the risk consulting and technology division of Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc., is looking to sell a subsidiary that provides security services in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Simon Freakley, the chief executive of Kroll, said Wednesday that the company is exploring the sale of Kroll Security International because it has decided to refocus on consulting and training.

Tools (and tricks) of the Trade

When you think of outfitting yourself for a career as a bodyguard what’s on your essential must-have list?

  • Semi-Automatic Handgun? (With appropriate license to carry)
  • Bulletproof Vest?
  • How about one of those cool–talk into your hand–microphones?

It’s true, at some point and time there is probably a place for all of that.  However, one of the biggest assets to someone doing this line of work for any length of time is something so obvious it really gets overlooked:

Yep, a good, COMFORTABLE, pair of shoes will make a world of difference for the bodyguard.  Just ask any agent who’s worked a detail where he has to stand for 12 hours plus, or walked 3 miles on an overseas sight-seeing trip with a VIP (on unpaved roads!) I’ve done all those things and I’ll tell you, wear the wrong shoes and the unpleasantness factor goes up dramatically.    

Elijah with Usher in the UK

The best of the Past…

Behind the Bodyguard Business existed previously as version 1.0 on Myspace.  If your interested in what makes the people in our profession do what we do, or if your an insider just looking for a good read, there are a lot of great post archived there.  Feel free to take a vist by clicking here.