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Bodyguard Takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


After being away on an extended assignment, I learned I was called out by a few respected industry friends for the ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge”. The first thing I did was educate myself more on the actual condition, a medical disease that could affect anyone (including members of the Executive Protection community!)

The second was make sure I wasn’t engaging in “slacktivism“, and since I publicly lend my voice (and my checkbook) to other causes on a regular basis, I felt in the clear.

Lastly, I decided, anything worth doing was worth doing in slow motion…

Learn more about ALS, and the other things we can do to help, HERE.

Internet Gangster Bodyguards

by Elijah Shaw

First off, what do I know about Gangsters? Well, I’m originally born and bred in Chicago Illinois, the Mecca of some of America’s most notorious gangsters. Al Capone made his bones here and Sam Giancana was so infamous they used part of his life story in The Godfather.

I also grew up in the inner city housing projects of the South Side of Chicago, and would not be overstating it one iota by describing my neighborhood as a warzone between two of the largest street gangs in the nation, which is why my dad kept a handgun at home in his biometric handgun safe so that at times of distress it’s quick to remove.

I say all of this to say, that I’ve got a bit of a historical pedigree when it comes recognizing basassness. (For some it’s a word) In short I know gangster. Gangsters do deeds that run the risk of punishment from the powers that be, and live by a code (however corrupt) that forms a philosophy that they latch onto. They do the crime, and even those that think they are invincible know somewhere in the back of their head, that if caught they must face the consequences — in many cases ending with incarceration or even death.

And then there are what I like to term the “Internet Gangsters,” those that use social media to bully, and intimidate the area residents in order to pave the way for their own agenda. Much like in the streets, they try and claim territory, except in this case, instead of neighborhoods and blocks, they try and stake their claim on message boards and news groups.

You know the type, just like the flashy mobsters of old; they try and impress the denizens with tales of their prowess. The give flowery examples of their superiority with a handgun, or hand to hand combat. They hint at their extensive client list that OWES them their life, and boast to whoever’s logged on at the time that they KNOW someone “legendary” that’s done SOMETHING “impressive.” Which I assume by default, makes them legendary as well.

In the urban areas there are two types of gangsters, “OG’s” or Original Gangsters. Individuals who have lived the life ages ago, and by virtue of that past pedigree have the influence and respect of their peers. They often can get away with what other’s cant because they have “been there done that” even if it was 3 decades ago. Then there are the “BG’s” or Baby Gangsters, which are the newcomers that have just entered the gangster lifestyle, and are trying to “earn their strips” by proving how tough they are.

Unfortunately in the Executive Protection community we have both types of gangsters, plying their trade on Social Media, those that look down on civilians and warriors alike for not having their level of experience, as well as those that overdo it so aggressively in an effort to gain recognition and respect that it’s almost comical. If it only affected themselves, that would be one thing, but remember, intimidation is a tool of tradecraft for the Gangster.

That means that on social media their outlet is usually those who are younger, more inexperienced, and less inclined to opposition.   In the message board “neighborhood,” you see it play out in the form of comments and post. The new guy will ask a new guy question, and the response from the “OG” is how dumb a question it is, or reply back in such a condescending manner that the questioner runs for the hills.   And then there’s the “BG” who writes a post or responds to one with such a tall tale about “their client” or the “50 man detail they were involved in” that it’s beyond belief.

The only one spared these attacks? The person that the Original Gangster sets his sights on, for grooming into the gang. That person, usually young and inexperienced, is typically spared the virtual lashing when they ask a question, and encouraged when they write a post that seems to focus more on the negative than the positive. They are being inducted, and without the proper interventions, suddenly they are exhibiting the same traits as the other gangsters.

Gang violence is an epidemic in some communities, and unfortunately it’s also starting to gain a foothold in social media. I mentioned earlier that I grew up in a gang infested neighborhood. One of the things I attribute to making it out of there (relatively) unscathed is the fact that there was “community policing” in the form of concerned citizens who said, “not on my watch, not on my block.” They didn’t stop the gang’s activities but they did make their presence unwelcome and by sheer force of will more than force of arms, compelled the gangs to take their activities a bit further in any direction but there. I vote do the same for Internet Gangsters.

Originally written for The Circuit – The Magazine for the Executive Protection Specialist learn more HERE.

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2 Real Bodyguards Review Olympus Has Fallen

Elijah Shaw of ICON Executive Protection & Harlan Austin of carved some time out of a busy work schedule  to watch a private screening of Olympus Has Fallen, the new film from the Director of Training Day. What’s the verdict? Check out the 1-minute review on the video then meet me back here.

Spoiler SPACE



I can sum it up like this…  The movie Die Hard, but this time in the White House.  Only problem is, Die Hard did it better, much better.  I tried hard to look at it like JUST A MOVIE, however, it was pretty hard to put aside the fact that it makes the United States Secret Service, DC Law Enforcement, The Capital Police, The Military –including the US Special Forces, all look like 3rd graders playing laser tag.  Plus there were plot holes wide enough to drive a truck into.  Wait, they did drive a truck into it.  Uggh.  Oh, and the Plane crashing and the Washington Monument collapsing “World Trade Tower-Style”…  Uggh.

What do you think?




Caption This 21

The latest installment on our popular feature at Bodyguard Blog (and our associated FACEBOOK PAGE). “Caption This,”  in which we ask readers to supply their own witty comments to our selection of Executive Protection/ Law Enforcement / Military related photos.

Take a moment, sit back, ride the wave and “Caption This”…

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Caption This 19

The return of the always popular feature around Bodyguard Blog (and our associated FACEBOOK PAGE). “Caption This”, the feature where we ask readers to supply their own witty comments to our humorous selection of Executive Protection/ Law Enforcement / Military related photos.  In this addition, things have gone to the dogs, so view the photo then feel free to use the comments section to “Caption This…”

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The Best of Bodyguard Blog’s: Caption This


The month of May will see the return of a popular feature around Bodyguard Blog (and our associated FACEBOOK PAGE).  While gearing up for future installments of “Caption This”, the feature where we ask readers to supply their own witty comments to our humorous selection of Executive Protection/ Law Enforcement / Military related photos, I thought it would be a good opportunity to pull together a list of my personal Top 5 entries.  The comments section are also still open, so if you think yo have a zinger that’s funnier than the rest, feel free to post it.    Bring on the marching bands, and “Caption This…”

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Top 10 Bodyguard Related Movies

Presenting my very biased list for Top 10 Bodyguard Movies of all time. This is an unscientific study with the only criteria being that they have an element of Executive Protection included (and of course that they get a lot of play in my DVD).

1. Star Wars

 You have to look at #1 on my list with 2 things in mind.  1. Obi-Wan was Luke’s bodyguard!)  And 2. I’m a huge Star Wars fan so anytime I can relate that to Executive Protection i’m going to slide it in!

2.. Man on Fire

The gold standard as far as i’m concerned.

3. Custodio (The Minder)

Foreign film but i’m so glad I tracked it down after I got the recommendation.

4. The Bodyguard

Yeah it’s Cliché, but it’s a good movie

5. Way of the Gun

People either love or hate this one, but it’s one of my personal favs.  The elevator scene won me over (but why did they think leaving her alone was a good idea???)

6. Shogun Assassin


7. Guarding Tess

I had stayed away from this movie for years as I thought it was going to be a comedy that just poked fun at the profession without knowing anything about it.  However I saw it for the first time just a short while ago and I loved it. It actually gave a good snapshot of the frustration and give and take that goes into working long term with a client.  (with a humors slant of course)

8. Heat

Not even sure if there are any BG’s in it, but it still makes list.  The Bank Robbery scene. ’nuff said.

9. Ronin

Too many scenes to mention but the coffee cup ambush and the introduction (not to mention the REAL car chase sequences) get this one regular rotation in my DVD.

10. In the Line of Fire

Clint and John both in their prime.

Honorable Mention:

The Unit

While it won’t make the official list as it’s television, the good episodes reached a high standard and had some pretty dynamic storytelling.


So that’s my list.  Agree? Disagree?  Which ones did I miss?



Stage Crashers & Bodyguards 1

A humorous example of what happens when you don’t have security.  (I think the artist was a great sport)  While the guy on stage was harmless, what if he wasn’t, or decided later not to be? I’m guessing it was a promoter who *finally* came on the stage, (not artist security) and STILL didn’t get the fan off.  (If it was security, he might want to trying some continuing training like the ICON CELEBRITY PROTECTION COURSE)

Caption This: Holiday Edition


A dare is a dangerous thing.

In anticipation of the 2012 return of  of “Caption This” the feature where we ask readers to supply their own witty comments to our humorous selection of Executive Protection/ Law Enforcement / Military related photos I was dared into submitting a personal photo.  (Thanks Donna)

So in honor of the holidays, I’ll spread a little yuletide cheer and allow you to

“Caption This…”




Happy Holidays from ICON Services Corporation & the Contributors at Bodyguard Blog!



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