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Comedian Arrested at Airport

Comedian Katt Williams was arrested Monday at Los Angeles International Airport for allegedly carrying a stolen concealed weapon.  Security officers found a concealed weapon in his carry-on luggage. One law enforcement source described it as a “cheap, Saturday night special.”  Am I missing something here? How would anyone think that was a good idea?  Guess he wasn’t aware of the type of police presence the have at LAX.

U.S. intelligence unveils spy version of Wikipedia

The U.S. intelligence community on Tuesday unveiled its own secretive version of Wikipedia, saying the popular online encyclopedia format known for its openness is key to the future of American espionage.  Sounds like an excellent format (In theory) to share information between departments.  One potential issue is Wikipedia has a hard time confirming it’s information sources and I can see the same problem occuring here.

The best of the Past…

Behind the Bodyguard Business existed previously as version 1.0 on Myspace.  If your interested in what makes the people in our profession do what we do, or if your an insider just looking for a good read, there are a lot of great post archived there.  Feel free to take a vist by clicking here.