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The New ICON Advanced Executive Protection Course Graduates


Congratulating the new graduates of the ICON Advanced Executive Protection Training Course.  Long hours, challenging assignments a few surprises, and the ever present  mantra “drill, drill, drill”.

Thanks for giving 100%! Your efforts showed!


Next course:  April 30 – May 9th, 2012  Special Financing & Scholarship Opportunities Available.  For more information click HERE.

What’s So Different About The ICON Advanced Executive Protection Course?


In short, everything and nothing.  Security Driving Guru, Tony Scotti recently said to me upon reviewing first hand the ICON Celebrity & VIP Protection Course , “Why don’t you just call it the “Executive Protection Course”, as all of the fundamentals are here”.  Mr. Scotti, had  a great point, and my response was that I wanted to make sure those that attended knew that in addition to those fundamentals they were also getting something at the class that had a clear distinction from what they could find anywhere else.   –An emphasis on working with Celebrities and the challenges and rewards that come with that segment of the marketplace from people that still do the work on a daily basis.  As we like to describe it; additional tools for the toolbox.

Along those lines, when we made the decision to introduce an Advanced 10 day course, I wanted to again have a distinction in the market.  This time it came in the form of not just teaching how to do everything the “right way” but also how to act (and react) when things go wrong.  the ICON Advanced Executive Protection Course puts an emphasis on operating in a hostile environment with a client and covers a multitude of disciplines including Risk Assessments, Threat Planning, Surveillance Detection, Counteraction Drills and medical life saving techniques, with several curve balls thrown in.   Having recently wrapped a course to positive reviews, I think we are again practicing our philosophy of giving great value and respect to the time and resources expended by the attending student.  Now looking forward to Tony stopping by the next one and letting me know what he thinks.


Learn more about ICON’s Advance Executive Protection Course by clicking HERE.

Kidnappings up more than 90% in Mexico

The Mexican newspaper Milenio reported that during the first three years of Mexico President Felipe Calderon’s term, kidnapping reports rose an astounding 90 percent.

A total of 2,593 kidnapping reports were filed during former president Vicente Fox’s term, from 2000 – 2006. In turn, 2,455 kidnapping reports were filed from 2007 – 2009.

It should be noted though that the numbers represent reports of kidnappings instead of the actual numbers, which are most likely higher. In general policemen in Mexico are not trusted because of their corruption and ineffectiveness. In addition, when kidnappings involve rival drug traffickers, it is almost certain they will not involve the police.

Kidnappings are so rampant that many firms doing business in Mexico have kidnapping insurance. In December 2008 a contract employee of ASI Global, which provides kidnapping advice and rescue for companies worldwide, went missing. Over a year later he has still not been found.

For more on this story, click HERE.

Regarding the contractor of ASI Global, his name is Felix Batista, a  former US Army Major, and trained expert in kidnappings in that area of the world.  Felix was taken while in Northern Mexico conducting a lecture on how corporations can avoid kidnapping.  The notorious criminal gang, the Zeta’s are believed to be behind the abduction.   During the search the FBI found 18 OTHER bodies in a hidden grave, however none of them were Mr. Batista.

For more on the disappearance of Felix Batista, click HERE.

IRAN – Anatomy of a Presidential Detail

the good folks over at STRATFOR posted an excellent analysis of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s security detail as he navigated the crush of the crowds during a recent public appearance.  It was during that appearance, depending on who you ask, an explosive was detonated or a firecracker thrown.  Regardless, viewing the video shows you the challenges the Iranian presidential guard faces and the marked difference between this motorcade and that of say a US President.

To watch the analysis, as a part of their Above the Tear Line series, click HERE.

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Russian Spy Ring For Dummies

… * a reference for the rest of us.

Stratfor Global Intelligence did an excellent job outlining the alleged mission and cast of characters involved in the Russian spy ring that has been all over the news lately.    An interesting insight into the world of espionage and counter-espionage and the spy-craft that makes it all go round.

“According to authorities, the suspected operatives were under heavy surveillance by U.S. counterintelligence agents for 10 years. Working out of Boston, New York and Washington, the FBI employed its Special Surveillance Group to track suspects in person; place video and audio recorders in their homes and at meeting places to record communications; search their homes and safe-deposit boxes; intercept e-mail and electronic communications; and deploy undercover agents to entrap the suspects.”

Click the hyperlink above for the full article.

Surveillance Detection Training Course


Surveillance Detection Course

July 28th – August 1st, 2010 (Minneapolis, MN)

Proactive Surveillance Detection for Executive Protection, Security Managers & Counter-Terror Professionals

Icon Services Corporation together with Multi Tier Solutions Ltd. are proud to present a unique 5-day course focusing on detecting stalkers, potential kidnappers and  pre-attack surveillance, thus stopping a hostile act in the planning stages.  This course greatly benefits those in the corporate and law enforcement sectors with special emphasis placed on detecting terrorist activities and crime across all environments.

As global pioneers in the field of defending against terror, Israel based Multi Tier Solutions, CEO Ivor Terret has teamed with security expert Elijah Shaw and Icon Services Corporation to deliver a realistic course tailored to counter threats faced by security and law enforcement organizations worldwide.

This is an advanced course for protection managers, security consultants and field personnel. You will also learn about all the new technological surveillance gadgets and top notch technology.  It will give your all the skills you need to excel in the tech industry for surveillance detection.

For more information or to attend click:  SURVEILLANCE DETECTION COURSE


Security and Safety at The World Cup

South Africa Times Reports:  South African intelligence services have been accused of being slow to react to warnings of terror threats to the 2010 World Cup

The US Congress counter-terror caucus was briefed on threats to the tournament.  Ronald Sandee, director of the NEFA Foundation, warned the US Congress that:

  • Pakistani and Somali militants are running terror training camps in northern Mozambique;
  • Trainees from these camps may have crossed into South Africa to join or form cells planning World Cup attacks;
  • Surveillance and strike teams planning attacks are well established in South Africa. Terror groups involved include al-Qaeda and their Somalian allies, al-Shahaab
  • Simultaneous and random attacks are being planned during the World Cup

On Wednesday, the National Joint Operational Centre was activated at an undisclosed military base in Pretoria. It is co-coordinating the deployment of all South African security and intelligence structures to ensure a safe World Cup, including 24-hour protection of teams and officials.

According to two insiders, a watch-list of 40 terror suspects has been drawn up.  Police have neither confirmed nor denied the arrest or watch-list.

For the full story:  Click HERE.

It’s tough finding the balance between safety & security along with access & convenience at a world sporting event such as the World Cup.  Lot’s of moving parts, lots of players.   ~ES

Attempted Times Square Bomber Arrested

New York (CNN) — Authorities hunting for the suspect in the botched Times Square bombing dramatically beat the clock overnight, seizing a Pakistani-American citizen moments before he was set to begin a long trip to his strife-torn homeland.

Faisal Shahzad, 30, was arrested around 11:45 p.m. ET Monday at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, said Attorney General Eric Holder.  Shahzad was on board Emirates Airlines Flight 202 to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and the jetway had been pulled back when the plane was called to return to the gate, a law enforcement source said. Shahzad was booked through to Islamabad, Pakistan, via Dubai, a senior airline official confirmed.

For the full story click HERE .

This guy says he was acting alone.  Not sure if I believe him, but it does seem his original plan was poorly thought out.  (Thankfully).  More HERE.