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The Best of Bodyguard Blog’s: Caption This


The month of May will see the return of a popular feature around Bodyguard Blog (and our associated FACEBOOK PAGE).  While gearing up for future installments of “Caption This”, the feature where we ask readers to supply their own witty comments to our humorous selection of Executive Protection/ Law Enforcement / Military related photos, I thought it would be a good opportunity to pull together a list of my personal Top 5 entries.  The comments section are also still open, so if you think yo have a zinger that’s funnier than the rest, feel free to post it.    Bring on the marching bands, and “Caption This…”

5. Can You Caption This? HERE.

Caption This pt. 12


4. Can You Caption This? HERE.

Caption This V


3. Can You Caption This? HERE.

Caption This Pt. 9


2.Can You Caption This? HERE.

Caption This 15


1.  Can You Caption This? HERE.  

Caption This 17


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SEALS Rescue US Aid Worker in Somalia


Score another ones for the good guys!

A U.S. special operations team of Navy SEALs  rescued two aid workers in Somalia Tuesday night, including a U.S. woman who had been held hostage for three months by Somalian kidnappers and suffered from a life-threatening medical condition.

Jessica Buchanan, 32, of Bedford, Va.,  and Poul Hagen Thisted, 60, of Denmark, were abducted Oct. 25 by a band of Somalis while on their way to the airport in Galcayo,  located in central Somalia. Both were working for the Danish Refugee Council’s Danish Demining Group, and had just finished a training course for Somalis when they were abducted.

In a statement released by the White House, President Obama said he had authorized a rescue mission Monday.

Full story, click HERE

What’s So Different About The ICON Advanced Executive Protection Course?


In short, everything and nothing.  Security Driving Guru, Tony Scotti recently said to me upon reviewing first hand the ICON Celebrity & VIP Protection Course , “Why don’t you just call it the “Executive Protection Course”, as all of the fundamentals are here”.  Mr. Scotti, had  a great point, and my response was that I wanted to make sure those that attended knew that in addition to those fundamentals they were also getting something at the class that had a clear distinction from what they could find anywhere else.   –An emphasis on working with Celebrities and the challenges and rewards that come with that segment of the marketplace from people that still do the work on a daily basis.  As we like to describe it; additional tools for the toolbox.

Along those lines, when we made the decision to introduce an Advanced 10 day course, I wanted to again have a distinction in the market.  This time it came in the form of not just teaching how to do everything the “right way” but also how to act (and react) when things go wrong.  the ICON Advanced Executive Protection Course puts an emphasis on operating in a hostile environment with a client and covers a multitude of disciplines including Risk Assessments, Threat Planning, Surveillance Detection, Counteraction Drills and medical life saving techniques, with several curve balls thrown in.   Having recently wrapped a course to positive reviews, I think we are again practicing our philosophy of giving great value and respect to the time and resources expended by the attending student.  Now looking forward to Tony stopping by the next one and letting me know what he thinks.


Learn more about ICON’s Advance Executive Protection Course by clicking HERE.

A Timeline on the Special Forces Defeat of Bin Laden

The US Navy Seals executed an operation that resulted in the led to the killing of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden on May 2, 2011.  Here’s what we know so far:

* Four years ago: Officials uncovered a courier’s identity who they believe may have strong ties to Osama.

* Two years ago: Investigators identified areas of Pakistan where the courier and his brother lived.

*  August 2010: The residence of the courier and his brother was found in Abbottabad, 30 to 35 miles north of Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital.

* September 2010: The CIA worked with President Barack Obama “on a set of assessments that led it to believe that in fact it was possible” bin Laden may be at the compound in Abbottabad.

* February 2011: U.S. officials concluded there was a “sound intelligence basis” for pursuing bin Laden at that location.

* March and April 2011. President Barack Obama held a series of National Security Council meetings “to develop courses of action to bring justice to Osama bin Laden.” There were at least five NSC meetings — March 14, March 29, April 12, April 19, and April 28.

* April 29, 2011. President Obama gave the final order to pursue the operation.

* May 2, 2011. After months of decision-making and planning, a U.S. military team conducted a small helicopter raid on the compound. The officials did not provide a breakdown of team members, but a senior U.S. defense official said U.S. Navy SEALs were involved in the operation.

The senior administration officials provided these details of the raid:

* The team was in the compound for 40 minutes. It did not encounter any local authorities during the raid.

* Bin Laden resisted the assault force and died in a firefight. Along with bin Laden, three adult males were killed.

* Two were believed to be the couriers and one was a son of bin Laden.

* A woman used as a human shield by a male combatant died and two women were injured.

* A helicopter was lost because of mechanical failure.

* Intelligence on bin Laden was not shared with Pakistan and other countries.

* After the raid, U.S. officials briefed Pakistani and other world leaders.

* Bin Laden has been buried at sea and his body was handled in the Islamic tradition.  (via CNN)


Iraqi Reality Show Plants Car Bombs on Celebrities

File under “S” for stupid.

Move over Punk’d, a new show on Iraq television makes unwitting contestants think they are going to jail after they are pulled over at a security checkpoint and a explosive device is found in their vehicle.

The show “Put Him in [Camp] Bucca” has received numerous protests but continues to air.

Popular public figures are tricked by being invited to the headquarters of  TV station Al Baghdadia to be interviewed, while en route a fake bomb gets planted in their car while they were being searched by Iraqi soldiers — who amazingly are in on the prank.

The unwitting celebrities are then secretly filmed, Candid-Camera-style, as they reacted with shock, disbelief and anger as fake checkpoint guards shout abuses at them: “Why do you want to blow us up?” “You are a terrorist.” “How much did they pay you to do it? You will be executed.”  Quality television indeed.

Click HERE for more on the story.

And just in case you think “how dumb is it that Iraqi soldiers are doing pranks like this in a war where untold lives are being lost“?  Meet a member of the US Military who while on active duty in Iraq, decided to film his own version of Punk’d by planting a explosive device in a car during a traffic checkpoint and filming the drivers reaction.   Nice.  Click HERE for the video.

Travel Risk in War Zones

USA Today does a good piece on corporate employees working in war zones around the world.

“The nature of the job takes Nelson to unsafe parts of the world.  A legion of globe-trotting Americans face a similar situation, as a global economy has thrown them into the most remote regions of the world, where they’re exposed to war, natural calamity and a risk of terrorism and kidnapping — not to mention disease and petty crime.

In pursuit of new clients and suppliers, U.S. companies of all sizes and interests — ranging from Halliburton to Marriott and Starbucks— are sending more employees on hardship assignments and taking new, aggressive steps to protect them from an ever-changing range of threats. Several recent events — the murders of Western aid workers in Afghanistan, the three American hikers imprisoned in Iran, the massive flooding in Pakistan and the killing of tourists on a bus in Manila on Monday — continue to serve as stark reminders of the perils travelers face overseas.

“Most multinationals and even medium to small companies have to push into emerging markets,” says Bruce McIndoe, president of iJet, which provides global security services and intelligence reports for corporate clients.

About 10% of employees who are transferred from the U.S. are assigned to countries that are considered “dangerous or have harsh conditions of living,”

For the full story, click HERE.

Blackwater Founder Relocates to Middle East

Erik Prince owner of Blackwater (now Xe) has reportedly left the United States to relocate to The Abu Dahubi.  Prince, left the country after a string of civil lawsuits, criminal charges and Congressional investigations singled out Blackwater or its former executives and other personnel.  While fighting these, his enterprises have amassed hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts, mostly relating to the war on terror.   Current and former colleagues said Mr. Prince hoped to focus on security work from governments in Africa and the Middle East. They also said he was bitter about the legal scrutiny and negative publicity his company had received.

For the full story, click HERE.

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So what’s your take on this.  Is Mr. Prince on the run or just implementing a new strategy?

Charity Watch: Spec Ops Warrior Fund

A while back I decided to research some causes to give back to, and the Spec Ops Warrior Foundation came up a few times from some very reputable sources.

I think their Mission Statement says it all.

“The Special Operations Warrior Foundation provides full scholarship grants and educational and family counseling to the surviving children of special operations personnel who die in operational or training missions and immediate financial assistance to severely wounded special operations personnel and their families.”

These guys run a class act and provide a vital service for those in the SF community who need it.

For more information click:  Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

Homegrown Terror The Newest Worry

The Whitehouse has stated that home-ground terror has entered a new phase as radicals are increasingly plotting attacks inside the U.S.   the “new phase” in which al Qaeda is “increasingly relying on recruits with little training is on the rise. 

For the full story, click HERE.

29 people are reported dead and more tha…

29 people are reported dead and more than 60 others wounded after a brutal attack on the Somali Parliament by insurgent fighters.  Many lawmaker have since left the 550 member national parliament in Mogadishu because of the grave security concerns.  For more on the story click HERE.