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Preview the Circuit Magazine for Bodyguards

Preview a great collection of articles from The Circuit Magazine featuring Hans van Beuge, Mark JamesJustin Johnson, Tom Taylor, Harlan Austin of Bodyguard CareersElijah Shaw & Bear Collins courtesy of BodyguardMagazines.com.


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Remember the Circuit, is free to members of the North American Bodyguard Association.  To join, click HERE.

Summer 2010 Issue of the Circuit on Sale Now

Hot off the presses the latest issue of The Circuit MagazineThe Magazine for Bodyguards and Security Professionals is now on sale.  If you haven’t yet had the chance to check out previous issues, each one is chock full of exciting articles, up to date information, and engaging interviews covering the full spectrum of the Executive Protection industry.

The feature story this issue is a great one by Executive Protection Agent, Michael Briggs, focusing on 6 days in the life of a Bodyguard operating during a major sporting event.

In addition, there are wonderful articles by contributors Ryan Nash and Cindy Sommer as well as industry-specific book review, columns and regular features on everything from Penetration Testing to Firearm reviews.

To order the latest issue of The Circuit, click HERE.  Alternatively, you can receive a free one year subscription to The Circuit by joining the North American Bodyguard Association (NABA) or their UK counterpart the British Bodyguard Association.  Memberships are reasonably prices and contain many additional benefits.  Simply click on the links to learn more about the organizations.

Want to preview articles of The Circuit?  Look no further.

Copy Machines Pose Security Risk

Nick McCarthy, one of the experts over at the British Bodyguard Associaton (BBA) just forwared me a story that kind of blew me away.  It’s one of those security risk that sometimes hides right under your nose.  In this case Copy Machines –particuarly the newer models which record all the information that passes thru it on a hard drive.  What happens when the lease is up or it get’s discarded?