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Caption This 12 Contest Results

So the results are in for the first ever Bodyguard Blog/ Facebook “Caption This…”  Contest, and ready there are troubles at the polls:

While there is a clear winner at 7 “likes” out of the 24 entries, said winner just happens to be my brother Akeem, so I’m sure there has to be some fine print somewhere about relatives winning the prize.   To solve this, we’ll just give Akeem honorary mention, and award the prize to the second runner up Mr. Rickey “Swifty” Beever.

Ricky, enjoy the gloves, and we’ll look forward to future comments from you!

"quick get him before he gets to the escalators". ~ Ricky Beever

and for honorary mention

“Now maybe these senior citizen mall walkers will know we mean business!” ~ Akeem Khan

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Caption This pt. 12

The weekly  “Caption This” feature of Bodyguard Blog returns as we ask readers to supply their own witty comments to humorous Executive Protection related photos.

Traditionally speaking, I know the story behind the photos before I post them, but I have to say, I’m just as perplexed as everyone else might be with this one???

So jumping right in, let’s “Caption This…”

*to see previous editions type “Caption This” into the search bar to the right.

**edit ** we’ve now turned this edition into the official “Caption This…” Contest.  To participate, leave your comment here AND on our Facebook Page at www.Facebook.com/IconServices.  The one with the most “likes” next to their comment will win an article of merchandise from our ICON Apparel Line.   (remember, even if you are not leaving a comment, vote for the one you think is the most humorous.)

Training Day Countdown

Tomorrow begins the next ICON Celebrity & VIP Protection Course and we’re all very proud to say we once   again have a sold out class.   Looking forward to the dynamic mix of seasoned professionals polishing their skills and newcomers just getting started in the industry.

Also very excited to have Dave Marris on board as a Guest Instructor this course.   In the close protection arena his background is one who’s “been there, done that”,  so we’re especially glad to have an active Operator take the time to help out.

Pretty certain the only sleep I get for the next 5 days will occur around the same time the paperboy is making deliveries, and end before he’s done.

Bulletproof T-Shirts?

First we reported Bulletproof Polo’s, and now an a Fruit of the Loom that can stop a bullet?   The University of Carolina has reportedly created a breakthrough that would allow an ordinary T-Shirt to become “wearable armor” by splicing the carbon in the cotton with boron, the third hardest material on the planet.

Me personally?

I think I’m going to wait until all the beta testing is done.

For the full story on Bulletproof T-Shirts, click HERE.

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Mexico Government Rents Bodyguards to Workers

The Mexican Government has come up with an interesting way to try and protect employees from the increasing number of drug-fueled assassinations and kidnappings that have plauged their country.  Their solution:   Rent Bodyguards to goverment workers for protection.  While senior-level officials will still be provided bodyguards for free, federal lawmakers and court workers now have the optioin to pay for additonal protection (Ranging from 100 to 200 a day depending on skill level, etc.)
File this one under:  YOU KNOW THINGS ARE BAD WHEN…
For the full story, click HERE.

Fresh Coat of Paint

Summer’s almost here, and so I felt like since I was spring cleaning, I needed a fresh coat of paint.   You’re now looking at Version 3.0 of  the Bodyguard Blog.  Hope you like the new layout as much as the people around the office do.  Lots of interactivity and multimedia modules, plus easy to access links to the most popular articles and post.   

p.s., Don’t forget to leave a comment, as I’ve always considered a Blog to be a 2-way exchange of information.

~ Elijah