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A Must Have for Executive Protection

From the archives:

When you think of outfitting yourself for a career as a Bodyguard what’s on your essential must-have list for Executive Protection?

  • Semi-Automatic Handgun? (With appropriate license to carry)
  • Bulletproof Vest?
  • How about one of those cool–talk into your hand–microphones?

It’s true, at some point and time there is probably a place for all of that.  However, one of the biggest assets to someone doing this line of work for any length of time is something so obvious it really gets overlooked:


Yep, a good, COMFORTABLE, pair of shoes will make a world of difference for the bodyguard.  Just ask any agent who’s worked a detail where he has to stand for 12 hours plus, or walked 3 miles on an overseas sight-seeing trip with a VIP (on unpaved roads!) Speaking from experience, I’ll tell you; wear the wrong shoes and the unpleasantness factor goes up dramatically.

On this date:  no vest, no 2way radio… however comfortable shoes made a long day a little easier.