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US Military Used As Escorts For Hire in Yemen?

Now this is interesting.  Looks like somebody is making a little money under the table

ADEN, Yemen—The Yemeni Coast Guard, working through private companies, is renting out servicemen and patrol boats—including vessels given to Yemen by the U.S.—for commercial ships seeking armed escorts against piracy. The arrangements are raising fresh questions about whether the San’a government is effectively using American military aid.

The U.S. has donated boats for use in protecting Yemen’s coastline against terrorists and other security threats. Discussions are under way in Washington about significantly ramping up assistance to help fight the al Qaeda network based in Yemen.

Congressman Pete King (R., N.Y.), the incoming chairman for the House Committee on Homeland Security, said reports of diverted U.S. military aid to Yemen raise “serious questions, which will be addressed by the Homeland Security Committee,” in Congress’s next session.

Four Yemeni officials familiar with the private security details said they are done for profit and involve high-ranking officials in the Ministry of Interior and the nation’s Coast Guard Authority, which falls under the ministry.

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