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Actor Kal Penn robbed at Gunpont

Another celebrity is a victim of a crime. This time in the nation’s capitol.

The “White Castle” actor, who recently stepped down from a position at the White House, was robbed at gunpoint early this morning while walking in Washington, D.C., reports TMZ.

Penn told police a man carrying a gun approached him around 1:20 a.m. and took his wallet, along with other personal property, a source told the entertainment website.

Police are investigating the incident.

Earlier this month, Penn ditched his role with the Obama administration — where he served as an associate director the Office of Public Engagement for nine months — for Hollywood so he could resume his acting career.

~Unfortunately in this economic climate anyone can become a victim, however there are certain steps that everyone can take to ensure their personal safety, particularly celebrities.

The Inauguration and ICON

ICON CEO Ellijah Shaw working at the 2009 Presidental Inauguration

People often come up to me and say “Wow, your job must be so cool”…I often downplay that because so much goes on behind the scenes that anything “cool” is often leveled out by long hours, stressful and potentially dangerous situations and sometimes just flat-out boredom. However there are times like the last few days where I had the distinct honor of being able to apply my craft in direct association with the 2009 Presidential Inauguration.

And while there was the stress, long hours and the hurry-up-and-wait that accompanies events of a vast magnitude. I will go on record and say that being a part of that experience was one of the highlights of my professional career.