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Bodyguards Support the Fight Against Domestic Violence

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month which many know is a cause that I support wholeheartedly.  Today I took a few clients on a tour of Women’s Advocates – The nation’s oldest  shelter for women who are victims of Domestic Abuse, and an organization I have the pleasure of serving on the Board of Directors.  The shelter assists women and their children with coping with a pretty dark period in their lives and does a really good job of helping the children deal with that trauma, by allowing them to well…be children.

During a tour of one of the play areas on the site, I had to keep ducking under the low ceilings, and narrowly dodged a speeding nerf ball.    Then came a challenge:

“I’ll put up $ _ ,_ _ _.00  if you sit in that kid sized chair and post the photo on facebook.”

My response was, not only will I do that, I’ll put it on my Blog.

I spent my morning contributing to aiding the fight against DV.   How you can spend yours?

For more on Women’s Advocates click HERE.

For more on the ISC Safety-Net, my program that provides free security services to victims of Domestic Violence click HERE.

Bodyguards Save Pakistan Ambassador in Iran

Two of the Bodyguards of Pakistan Ambassador M. B. Abbasi were wounded protecting their client who was a victim of an assassination attempt in Tehran, the Iranian capital.  Some conflicting reports have emerged with the two being listed as dead as opposed to injured. 

For more on the story click HERE and HERE.

Hoping the security are still alive.  While some might do it for less-than-noble reasons.  Placing your life on the line for someone else while doing Diplomatic Security is a task in which the rewards are few but the endgame could be life-or-death.   ~ES

ICON Inauguration Security Services

Inauguration Security Website - DNC Security.com

Yep, Back at it again…

The Teams are on the ground and moving around.

For celebrities, private individuals and corporate executives attending functions associated with the 2009 Presidential Inauguration, ICON can provide you with premium security services.

For more information visit www.DNCSecurity.com or contact 651-695-8778.

(One day i’ll have to share with my Blog readers how I almost got the Obama account before he hit the stratosphere –and the Secret Service.)