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Student Experiences After ICON Executive Protection Training


“When I consider what the primary difference was which made my ICON experience a greater value and overall experience to my previous training, I believe it is due to the fact the ICON course was  student-centric.  In other words, the course was designed to create and support an environment in which the students actively contributed to their own learning.  To create a course such as this, ICON put in significant time and effort to design and implement experiences which were designed to rapidly transition from the classroom to the real world”.

Donna Angevine

ICON CPC, AEP Course Graduate, January 2012

“I think that reality based training with stress is the best way to learn.  Sitting in a classroom can only teach somebody so much.  Putting people under stress and forcing them to think then act, then reviewing their actions is a much more effective way to learn and you and your staff taught me a lot.  Each member of your staff is a true professional and an effective teacher.”

Jimmy Menzoian

ICON CPC, AEP Course Graduate, January 2012


“In my 15 day journey, a total mental and physical transformation took place. During training, I was introduced to hand-to-hand combat, defensive tactics, and firearm training that was in addition to other tactical and dynamic instruction.  One advantage that ICON has over other Executive Protection courses is the top notch instructors who present up-to-date real life experience in the EP industry.   ICON has given me a great head start into the Executive Protection industry”.

Michael Brown

ICON CPC, AEP Course Graduate, January 2012



Next Dates

Celebrity & VIP Protection:  Aug 1-5, 2012 (Financing & Scholarships Available)

Advanced Executive Protection (High Risk): Aug 6-15, 2012 (Financing & Scholarships Available)

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5 Tips to Begin Executive Protection Training


Today marks Day 1 of the October 2011 ICON Celebrity & VIP Executive Protection Course.  By all accounts we have a great group of men and women who are either entering the industry for the first time, or engaged in continuing training to “sharpen the tools in their toolbox”.  Knowing some of the newcomers found us by doing online research, I thought it might be a good idea to put some tips out for future attendees of our Executive Protection courses.

1.  Find a course that doesn’t teach “theory” but rather real world applications.  there are many out there if you do your research.  Bodyguard Careers Top Executive Protection Schools book is a great place to start.

2.  Come prepared to work.  Take a look at the materials required to take the course and ask questions prior to attending of what is suggested that you bring.  Pack a “Go Bag” with extra stuff, just like in the real world, it’s better to be over prepared than under.

3.  Ask questions.  For two reasons, one, most instructors don’t like to do ALL the talking.  More importantly, you paid your hard earned money and invested your time to attend, get the maximum out of it by asking everything you want to know.  If it’s too much or off topic, a quality instructor will reel you in.

4. Use being at the training also as an opportunity to network.  Any class that has over 2 people in it is a great opportunity to network.  Think about it, you are training shoulder to shoulder with someone who might get a call for some business in your part of the world.  Wouldn’t it be great if he had your number?

5.  Check your ego at the door.  Our profession contains the Alpha Male Trait, it comes with the job.  But even if you are ex CIA, FBI, United States Secret Service, 007, Borne Identity, Man on FIre, there is still something you can learn from others.  However, in order to do that you have to come in with an open mind.


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